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Samsung patent shows Galaxy S11 with retractable screen

Author at TechGenyz Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S11

Galaxy Unpacked Event going to commence in less than a month, will witness the launch of various high-end Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series smartphones. The new launch date for the Galaxy Fold may also be announced around the same period. Next, the next high-end Galaxy smartphone will be introduced in early 2020, the Galaxy S11. According to some, the design will be similar to the Galaxy S10, others believe that the phone will get a completely new design next year.

Samsung annually records a large number of patents to protect future smartphone designs and technologies. Sometimes the designs are so futuristic that an actual market introduction will take years, or will never happen.

This time, however, the Korean manufacturer has had a design patent filed that seems to be a little easier to realize. It seems to be a very effective solution to meet the need to be able to put the largest possible screen area in your pocket.

The patent shows extendable Samsung smartphone

The design patent was filed by Samsung Electronics at the end of 2018 with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office). It was approved at the end of May, after which the patent was publicly published on 24 June 2019.

There are 14 sketches included on which a modern designed smartphone can be seen, with the so-known edge display from Samsung. A special feature of this model is the possibility to extend the width of the phone, after which the screen surface is estimated to be increased by around 50%.

Since it is a design patent, there is, unfortunately, no detailed description included that answers the question of how this smartphone can be pulled out. The images do show that the screen on the right is enlarged. The frame border around the screen also shifts partially, so that the flexible display remains well protected against external influences.

Earlier this month LetsGoDigital also reported on a retractable Samsung smartphone. However, that model could be pulled in two directions, this time the screen area is only enlarged on the right side. Technically this will probably be much easier to achieve, partly because a smaller screen needs to be stored in the small housing.

Chances are that this design also uses a rail mechanism that supports the flexible display. A striking feature of this design is the punch hole camera system, which is positioned in the middle. This part of the screen will therefore not be able to move. Since the screen can only be slid to the right, the remaining screen surface is presumably also stored in the housing on the right-hand side, possibly rolling on a sort of tube.

The rear camera has been moved to the top right corner. A logical positioning, given the extendable screen and the punch hole camera. Finally, there is not enough space in the housing to place the front and rear camera in the same place. Moreover, the extendable screen ensures that the camera system cannot be positioned on the left rear - as is probably the case with the Note 10, this will be the first Samsung smartphone with a punch hole camera in the middle.

The patent does not make clear how many camera lenses are used. For the 3D renders, LetsGoDigital has opted for a similar set-up that Samsung is currently applying in its high-end models.

For the time being, things will not go smoothly with the launch of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung's first folding smartphone was proudly introduced at the beginning of this year. However, the launch was postponed at the last minute, after the flexible screen of several review items showed defects. The CEO of Samsung Electronics, DJ Koh, admitted during a meeting in South Korea, his home country, that the Fold was not really ready at the time of the introduction. It was embarrassing, the chief executive added.

It is hoped that this shameful display will not cause Samsung to be reluctant to introduce new innovative mobile products. A pull-out smartphone as the Koreans have patented this time offers a lot of benefits and will probably cost less than the Fold.

As the company releases more and more variants of its top models - think of the S10e, S10, S10 Plus, and an S10 5G - a pull-out model would be a good addition in our opinion. Maybe a good idea for the next S-series, a Galaxy S11 Max for example?

Although of course, it would also be a wonderful addition to the Note 11 series that is expected in the second half of next year. Finally, the Note devices are known for their large format screen.

For the time being all eyes are on the coming flagship. This year, Samsung is expected to release additional models within its famous Note series. Four model numbers have emerged over time. It seems at least to be a Note 10 and a Note 10 Plus, both are expected to be a 4G and 5G model.

Although the Galaxy S10 5G model is not available in the Netherlands, the Note 10 5G is said to appear in our country. By the way, you don't have much to do with that yet the 5G network is not yet available here. Nevertheless, more and more manufacturers will bet on this fast network. The expectation is that around 2023 more 5G smartphones than 4G models will be released worldwide.

The Galaxy Unpacked Event will take place on August 7, when Samsung will reveal all the details of its Note 2019 line-up. Meanwhile, various official 3D renders have appeared online for both the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus, in terms of design Samsung will, therefore, have little more to disclose. A number of new items will be presented, including the updated S Pen with the built-in camera.

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