Chinese smartphone manufacturer, ZTE had launched its first 5G smartphone earlier this year including the ZTE Axon 10 Pro. The phone features a 6.5-inches curved-edge AMOLED display with a small notch, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and a triple camera set-up.

ZTE And Galaxy Note 10 Design

ZTE dual sided smartphone

Mid-2018, ZTE ((Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment Corporation) filed a design patent with the Chinese patent agency CNIPA for a ZTE dual sided phone. The patent was published last week and got discovered by our Dutch colleagues Mobiel Kopen.

A series of illustrations show a full-screen ZTE smartphone that looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The image above shows both smartphones next to each other.

The phone edges have a somewhat rectangular design and the bezels are very minimum giving a similarity with Samsung Galaxy Note 10. On the rear, we see a triple camera, situated on the left side of the phone. A fingerprint scanner is not found anywhere, this smartphone will likely be equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The front shows a full-screen design. There is no punch-hole camera, nor a notch or a pop-up camera. Instead, ZTE incorporated a second, smaller display on the back – directly next to the cameras. This second display allows users to take high-resolution selfies with the main camera. In term of design, this is the main difference with the Note 10.

It’s not the first phone from ZTE that features a vertically arranged camera setup on the left. The Axon 10 Pro comes with a triple camera that is situated on the same side. If the ZTE dual sided smartphone becomes a reality, it seems logical that it will be placed in the Axon series. Just like the Axon M, this unique phone with two screens is held together by a hinge.

ZTE’s former subsidiary, Nubia, was among the first manufacturers to introduce a dual-sided smartphone. At the end of last year, the Nubia X was released. ZTE to develop a similar phone, the smartphone doesn’t sport a full-screen second display, but a smaller sized screen. It may improve the durability, while users can still use the phone to take selfies – which is the most important reason to implement a second-display.

However, if ZTE can manufacture this dual-sided phone within a reasonable amount of time, it could very well become a success. The US sanctions have been lifted, let’s hope this will allow the Chinese company to show some great innovations again.