Xiaomi has launched it’s second health and fitness app ‘Mi Health’ app that is available in the latest MIUI China Developer 9.7.23 build. Though Xiaomi has a ‘Mi fit’ app on Google Play, the company has made another fitness-oriented app, especially for china as Google products and services are still blocked across the country.

The new Xiaomi Mi Health app helps track your steps, sleep schedule, and menstruation cycles. One can even set their exercise goal based on their sleep, a number of steps taken, and body mass index.

It also provides visual indicators for daily, weekly, and monthly activity. It also monitors the distance covered and the amount of calorie burning. The Mi fitness app can even track your sleep in the background without keeping the app active for sleep tracking.

But, this is not a usual app. This app can’t be installed as a regular app on non-Xiaomi devices. The Xiaomi Mi health app runs only on the new MIUI Beta build and is hence not yet available on Google Play. Well, we are still unaware if Xiaomi if it is to publish this app on the Google Play Store anytime soon.