Google never disappoints its customers, especially when it comes to smartphones. Google Pixel is one of the best smartphones available on the market, and it had been well received by the customers. Google is supposed to launch it’s revolutionary Google Pixel 4 soon.

Google has been in the talks for the same, but no pictures of the new Pixel are officially released yet. However, a person with the new Pixel 4 was apparently spotted on a flight, and people took him to be a Google employee, which in turn lead to the conclusion that the phone used by him had to be the new Pixel 4. However, earlier leaks of the smartphone appear to be standing on the other end of the spectrum.

The previously leaked image of the supposedly Pixel 4 showed off a large chin. But the new image which surfaced shows that the smartphone has no chin. It is too early to tell which one is the legitimate leaked image of Pixel 4. According to a report, the Pixel 4 has an Orange power button, just like the previous versions of the Pixel. The back end is supposed to have a Black and White Panda panel which again is the same as the previous Pixels. In the latest leaked pictures, the front camera and an earpiece could be seen.

Google had not been very secretive about the upcoming new piece as it has shown off the square bump design on its back panel before. The smartphone will have 5 sensors; a microphone, an LED Flash, a Spectral sensor and 2 camera lenses. A few weeks earlier Google released the render of the same smartphone which showed off the Project Soli radar, the 2 front cameras for IR based face unlock, 1 selfie camera, and a couple of other sensors to help the Infra-red cameras.

Google may announce the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL sometime between October and November this year.