Xiaomi launches Bluetooth Key Finder at 99 Yuan

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A few days ago, Xiaomi had launched a crowdfunding project for the new Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder. With the new Xiaomi Bluetooth Finder users will be able to find any device without sweating for it or actively looking for it, even if the device is muted.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Finder comes equipped with an anti-lost reminder, two-way mutual search, breakpoint positioning, and collective search mode. The device is a pocket-sized, minimal, white device, and it is very light. It obviously, as the name suggests, comes with Bluetooth technology and a high-decibel buzzer.

The device is supposed to come in very handy, making it easier for anyone to remind them to carry their keys on their way out. The instructions are really simple. All the user needs to do is to attach the Bluetooth Key Finder with their key or simply put it in their wallet.

When the user goes away from these things, the device will notify the user through a prompt in the smartphone reminding the user to carry the keys or the wallet with them.

The Bluetooth Key Finder works both ways. The user can also locate the device using their smartphones. The collaborative search object will let the user search for the device.

One-click on the smartphone will cause the object to beep which will make it easier for the user to locate the device. If the object seeker is looking for a smartphone, any of the synergistic object seekers will cause the smartphone alarm to beep even when it is muted.

The smartphone, in turn, can also be used to find the position of the device using the breakpoint positioning. In case the device itself is lost, the smartphone can be used to locate the last point of connection of the device. The ‘combined force search’ of the Key Finder allows the users to establish a new concept of search.

The crowdfunding price of 3 sets is 99 yuan.

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