HMD Global has introduced five new phone models at IFA 2019, the Nokia 6.2 and the Nokia 7.2 are both Android One smartphones. In addition, two classic models were introduced the Nokia 2720 Flip and Nokia 800 Touch, that runs on KaiOS and are equipped with contemporary features such as the WhatsApp, Google Assistant, Google Maps. The Nokia 2720 Flip is a folding phone whereas the Nokia 800 Tough is a robust phone.

Nokia phone with WhatsApp and Google Assistant

The 800 Tough is equipped with a 2.4-inch color screen with a QVGA resolution. The physical buttons are larger as compared to earlier models. This is good for the operation, you can even operate this cell phone with gloves on.

This Nokia phone is dust and fall resistant and also waterproof according to the IP68 standard. Thanks to the MIL-STD 810G certification. It stays undamaged even after dropping the phone from a height of 1.8 meters. The Nokia 800 Tough can also withstand extreme temperatures.

The phone runs on the KaiOS, an operating system that works especially well with smartphones with modest specifications. To be able to navigate flawlessly, Google Maps is built-in, whether you are on foot, by bike, in the car or using public transport.

Even the Google Assistant is present on this device, you can have this voice assistant carry out tasks by simply giving commands to the device. For example, you can ask what the weather will be like in your city. You can simply address Google Assistant in Dutch.

There is also a so-called KaiStore available, where you can download a limited number of apps. The Nokia 800 Touch is also capable of popular applications such as the WhatsApp messaging service. Useful for sending messages to your children or grandchildren. There are also various social media apps available, including Facebook and Twitter. In addition, there is a section with games included in the KaiStore. Many apps can be downloaded for free, for a number you have to pay.

Nokia 800 Tough phone with fast 4G LTE internet

The device offers support for 4G LTE internet, which means that the internet speed will be excellent. The Nokia 800 Tough has a 2-megapixel camera and a 720p video recording function, useful for maintaining video calls.

The dual-core Qualcomm 205 processor is supported by 512MB of working memory and 4GB of storage memory, which can be expanded with a microSD memory card. This robust and watertight phone has a particularly powerful 2,100 mAh battery that delivers a standby time of no less than 43 days. In practice, this means that you have to put the phone on the charger less than nine times a year. This model is also equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone connection.

When Nokia 800 will be available in the Netherlands?

The dual sim phone is available in two colors: Black Steel and Desert Sand. Dutch consumers will soon be able to buy the Nokia 800 Tough phone, the price of a sim lock-free device is set at € 120. This is the price for a single device without a telephone subscription.