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Huawei files patent for Mate X 2 foldable smartphone with stylus pen

Author at TechGenyz Mobile
Huawei Mate X 2

Huawei is working hard in the background over its Mate X2 foldable smartphone which will come with a stylus M Pen and is expected to be less expensive as compared to Mate X. The CEO of the company during the presentation of Mate X30 smartphones informed that Mate X is scheduled to go on sale in China next month. However, Huawei is taking no chances and putting its best after the launch of the first folding telephones did not fetch satisfactory results.

LetsGoDigital already reported on a renewed Huawei folding phone with a second display a few months ago. The Chinese manufacturer has decided to equp the phone with a stylus pen.

Huawei foldable smartphone with a stylus

Huawei Technologies filed a patent on February 2019 with the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) for an 'Electronic device'. On September 26, 2019, this patent was also included in the WIPO database (World Intellectual Property Office).

The patent shows a foldable telephone, quite similar to the already introduced Huawei Mate X. It has fitted a compartment on the underside to store the stylus that also differentiates the two models. This compartment is housed in the sidebar, in which the camera system is also integrated. The current Mate X has the USB port at this location.

It seems that the brand is trying to refine the design by incorporating specific changes to the current Mate X. Huawei, last year released the high-end Mate 20 X gaming smartphone, that was also equipped with a stylus pen, called the M-Pen.

The addition of a stylus pen becomes more attractive, as foldable smartphones have a larger display surface than regular phones. Hence, Huawei is not the first manufacturer to establish a patent for a folding telephone with a stylus. Earlier this month, LetsGoDigital first reported about an LG foldable phone with a stylus pen. Incidentally, Samsung has established a similar design. 

The design is similar to Mate X. The Chinese manufacturer intends to provide its next generation of folding phones with a stylus. However, one hopes that the price of the device will not be higher. The Mate X, with a suggested retail price of € 2,300 is already one of the most expensive folding phones.

It is not known when the new device will hit the market. The company has its hands full with the American boycott and the problems that have surfaced due to this. Including the development of the new Harmony OS, which is currently being worked on with developers to further shape this operating system. 

Huawei last week, registered the Harmony Studio brand name for this. We shall keep you posted with all the latest developments as and when it breaks.

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