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First OnePlus TV features QLED 4K panel, Dolby vision, and Android OS

Author at TechGenyz Gadget
Oneplus TV Q1 Series
Women watching Oneplus TV

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, was exulting to announce the new OnePlus TV, although all our attention was brought to him by the presenter. This is the first OnePlus TV and one of the company’s most important projects beyond its phones. The OnePlus TV Q1 is a TV with Android TV, thin frames and where you have sought to take care of both the image and the sound.

For the past 14 months, OnePlus has been working on the development of its OnePlus TV. The company had no previous experience in the sector, and therefore they have had the help of two veteran experts: Hirohisa Ishino, head of R&D at Sony and Asakura Reiji, VP of the Engineering Image Quality Society in Japan. These are all the features of the new OnePlus TV Q1 television.

Datasheet of the OnePlus TV Q1

SIZE55 inch
RESOLUTION4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)
HDRHDR 10, Dolby Vision
IMAGEGamma Color Magic, NTSC 120%, DCI-P3 96%
SOFTWAREAndroid TV + Oxygen Play app
SOUNDSound 2.1, soundbar (Q1 Pro, 8 speakers, 50W), compatible with Dolby Atmos

OnePlus TV Q1 points to the high-end

This is a TV with a QLED panel manufactured by Samsung, 4K resolution and a size of 55 inches. It had originally been rumored that it would be available in different sizes, but OnePlus has only announced the model in 55 inches.

According to company data, the OnePlus TV achieves 96% of the DCI-P3, surpassing models such as the Samsung Q80R (94%) or the Sony X9500G (93%). Accompanying this data, the OnePlus TV offers compatibility with HDR10 and Dolby Vision, an HDR format usually reserved for high-end models.

Without reaching the level of the most advanced OLED TVs, this OnePlus TV focuses on the premium category, with technologies normally reserved for the highest-priced models. To optimize this image quality, Gamma Color Magic technology is committed, where OnePlus offers a record result of 120% in the NTSC color range.

The design of the TV bets on a central aluminum base, reduced edges to obtain a screen ratio of 95.7% and a fairly stylized body, with 7 millimeters thick in the thinnest part.

As for the sound, we have 4 speakers in the standard version and a Pro version of the OnePlus TV Q1 that incorporates a Dolby Atmos compatible soundbar, double tweeter inside and 8 speakers to produce a 50W sound. A bar that will slide from inside the TV and will be hidden when you don’t want to use it.

The software revolves around Android TV and OxygenPlay

Inside of the software, OnePlus has chosen to incorporate the Android TV operating system based on the latest 9 Pie version, with a design quite similar to that we have on other televisions and with the promise of guaranteed updates for 3 years.

An application created by the brand called OxygenPlay is also included, where you can discover other content and access Netflix in the future when it is updated at the end of the year.

To control this system, as OnePlus itself already leaked, we have a small aluminum control with a button dedicated to Google Assistant and direct access to Amazon Prime Video.

As with other Android TV, the OnePlus TV will allow us to control the TV from the Android mobile, either by sending content through Chromecast or with specific options of its Connect application, such as taking screenshots of what is being shown on the television.

Versions and price of the OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro

The new OnePlus TV is scheduled for launch in India, without confirmation of its arrival in markets such as Europe. It will be available on Amazon India from September 28.

The price of the OnePlus TV Q1 will be Rs. 69,990. While the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro model arrives for Rs 99,990.



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