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    Death: 285
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    New Zealand
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Apple AirPods Pro flagship to soon launch with noise cancellation

Author at TechGenyz Apple
Apple AirPods Pro

With the festive days approaching, Apple is planning to release its AirPods 3 flagship in the Taiwanese market. The first two generations of the AirPods are quite popular among people, so, it can be anticipated that the soon to be launched third-generation AirPods will also do a good business in the market. We can soon expect the launch of Apple AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro with the noise cancellation feature in other parts of the world after it gets released in Taiwan.

Taiwanese media have already predicted and analyzed the division of the domestic shipments depending on the demand of the Apple AirPods. A report states that the AirPods shipments are expected to reach 50 million to 55 million units this year and 80 million units next year. This number is quite huge compared to the previous shipments.

A certain source also reported that Taiwanese supply chains like Meilu will supply the most important electro-acoustic components of AirPods 3, and Nisshin will be responsible for the bearing design of the charging box. However, the division will vary when it will be made available in other parts of the world.

The new chain of Apple AirPods 3 will likely be named as AirPods Pro as it was reported. According to the sources, it will come in eight colors including black, white, night green, and more. The third-generation AirPods will also feature active noise cancellation and water resistance. The leaked pictures of the AirPods Pro also show us the possibility of them having rubber ear tips to block out ambient noise.

The AirPods come with a wireless charging option with a flat box. An Economic Daily report claimed that the AirPods Pro will have a new metal design and the AirPods and the charging cases may look similar to the back glass of iPhone 11 Pro models with matching colors. A source also said that the new design of the AirPods will make it easier to carry.

A market analyzation report stated the AirPods Pro will likely hit the market at the end of October this year. However, we still don't have any official announcement regarding the launch. Therefore, we predict that the AirPods will be released during November of this year; or else, the company could also announce the release at their typical March event next year.

The price of the new AirPods is still not revealed but sources say that they will have a price of $259 which means they are going to be far most expensive wireless headphones in Apple's history.

The possible features that Apple AirPods Pro will have forced an automatic comparison to the other noise-canceling headphones like Bose which have much longer battery duration. The estimated price of the AirPods is quite high too. Moreover, the rubber ear tips somehow cause trouble for some of us, therefore it can become a major drawback. We still have to wait for an official announcement from Apple. Only time will tell if they become as popular as their predecessors or not.

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