A patent published on November 7 by Apple revealed some pretty exciting new in-car features that Apple is working on. The patent number 20190339094 – patents for Apple’s voice and touch user in-car interface feature for an automobile.

Apple Vehicle UI

The patent is for an electronic device that would be able to provide informational content, entertainment, navigation, and communication all while keeping driver interaction to a minimum. The electronic devices referred to in the patent could be a device embedded in your dashboard, working separately or connected to a second device, like a phone.

Apple says that :

Many autos provide dashboard computers with navigation and content applications. However, most dashboard computer solutions rely on unintuitive user interfaces that are difficult to operate in a hands-free and safe manner while driving.

This can be accomplished by performing tasks and presenting content automatically, without the need for user input, and by allowing user input through voice controls, touch screen controls, and/or physical controls found on the dashboard or steering wheel.

The system can also monitor traffic along your route. These Apple’s voice and touch user in-car interface features are absolutely incredible, however, a patent does not mean that there is a guarantee that we will definitely see these technologies in the near future.

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