North Korea is often seen as a poor country, cut off from the world and lacking in new technology. But officials in South Korea have linked North Korea to recent attacks on computers. And they are describing the North’s ability to harm computer systems as world-class.

South Korea’s spy agency made the claims at a meeting with a committee of the South Korean National Assembly. The National Intelligence Service said North Korea has trained what officials are calling a “cyber army“. The NIS described seven North Korean hacking organizations and spy networks operating in China and Japan. Hackers seek out and can affect the electronic communications and records of individuals, businesses and even governments.

Security researchers warned the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) of a cyber attack by alleged North Korean criminals, which is part of a large-scale malware campaign. The warning came during the Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission, according to the Financial Times, citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to researcher Yash Kadakiya, ISRO was among the critical government agencies that criminals have targeted in recent months. According to FT, the attacks were carried out using phishing emails containing malware. According to representatives of ISRO, the company received a warning about a cyber attack, but during the investigation did not find anything suspicious.

Our systems were not compromised and were not affected. The lunar mission was not compromised by the attack, because we have an internal network that is 100% isolated from the Internet. – Representative of ISRO said.

The organization received a warning about a cyber attack but did not find anything suspicious during the investigation.

Recall that in late October, the leadership of the Indian nuclear power plant Kudankulam denied information about a cyber attack at nuclear power plants, but soon the Indian Atomic Energy Corporation confirmed the fact of infection and admitted that the station’s systems were infected with malware called DTrack, which is supposedly the development of North Korean hackers.

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