MacBooks may feature color backlights for keyboards in future

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We all know that MacBooks from Apple are much more than just being a simple laptop. Their appearance and features make them unique among other best selling laptops in the market. It looks like Apple is going to take their MacBooks to the next level by adding colored backlights to their keyboards.

Having on-board colored backlights is not something new to us. Major tech companies like Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, Dell, etc. have already introduced this feature on their laptops long before. However, the tech giant, Apple could offer some unique and interesting twist to our regular backlit keyboard laptops by introducing colored keyboards for MacBook.

A recent Apple Insider news revealed that Apple is planning to introduce onscreen keyboards which could “offer backlights as useful feedback devices rather than solely illumination“. They might add this new concept to their future MacBook or iOS supported devices.

In their US patent, Apple described its future plans regarding its concept and development of the colored backlit keyboard. While other keyboards include internal illumination for keys but do not offer the ability to dynamically control lighting schemes, Apple aims to give us the freedom to change “color or tone, for each of the keys individually“.

By doing this, Apple looks forward to “improve the user experience and increase the potential for feedback to a user” in the future. The keyboard may feature mixed input lighting using multiple light sources with the switchable operational state.

Therefore, we may end up having rainbow or unicorn colored keyboards with our MacBooks. However, rather than having a fixed tone or color for the keys, Apple opts for something more subtle. Reportedly, the keys on the board may give a response with their colors as we use them for typing.

Well, this seems fun, isn’t it? But this process is not going to be an easy one. Apple will achieve this result by generating a combined light and transmitting it through the contact surface.

This will be a fun process to see your keyboard turning into a rainbow and turning your tiresome projects into an exciting one. However, Apple is not going to stop only here. They soon plan to introduce the same concept to their instrument displays, cell phones, and other electronic devices soon.

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