Apple’s newest and thinnest laptop, the MacBook, has a new keyboard with a mechanism in which its keys have nearly no depth, which meant that the Apple device will be slimly incorporating AIO iMac Desktop made of the glass body.

Recently, Apple has patented the touchscreen desktop. But it’s not an ordinary all-in-one desktop like HP‘s TouchSmart line or Lenovo’s IdeaCentre line with a touchscreen. Now Apple patent reveals a display enclosure with keyboard Dual Trackpads that provide an inferior tactile feel or visual appearance.

This future iMac/desktop PC coupled with glass housing shows an alternative design with separable keyboards, an input device operably coupled to the display, and a glass sheet. The curved portion of the device includes a first portion defining a planar display area, a second portion defining a planar input area.

“The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to a next-generation all-in-one (AIO) desktop iMac that is made with a continuous glass body.”- Patently Apple

 The device could be used as a home automation system that includes an OLED display with an integrated keyboard. The housing member may include other physical features recesses, protrusions, borders, on its exterior surface that define and/or delineate distinct key regions.

The user of the integrated keyboard may be able to type faster and do not need to look at the keyboard to align their fingers with the keys hence making fewer errors because they can feel the borders and boundaries of each key region. And with the MacBook desktop accessory, users might have a larger display to work with when at home or the office where the keyboard slides into the desktop accessory.

A patent does not mean that we will be able to see the device any time soon or see it at all. Let’s wait until then.