Universal Charger Gets a Nod From the EU Despite Apple’s Dissent

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Imagine, if you have five different gadgets, you obviously need to carry 5 different chargers. That’s often quite hectic. The European Parliament has come up with a better way of living with fewer wires dangling around.

The European Parliament has passed a resolution for universal chargers with 582 votes in favor of the decision. Apple has tried to disagree with the notion of citing it as the reason for the backdrop in technology. But the resolution has noted that in 2016, the average global waste per person was 6 kg while the average of only Europeans was 16.6 kg.

The EP has become serious about reducing this environmental hazard and hence has decided to reduce it. They have asked all the smartphone companies to produce a single kind of charger so that the users do not need to carry multiple chargers.

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People have reacted in various ways about this resolution. A few people have shown concern for the tech industry saying this resolution will mess up their business. While the majority of them have agreed to this idea keeping eWaste in mind.

Some of them even went on to suggest newer ideas. According to them gadgets like electric razors,  LED lighting, and power tool batteries feed on some charging devices. So they should also be included in this idea of common charging since not all gadgets are used at a time.

Some Apple lovers have brought out altogether different reactions to it. They believe that Apple will come out with its own technology. Apple uses Lightning cables, and hence this resolution will harm them the most. It is USB-C-type chargers they think the parliament is talking about. Few Apple lovers have even cracked jokes that if there is a chance of choosing between universal chargers or no chargers, then Apple will choose the second option.

So if you are a tech user, you have to choose between innovation or a waste-free environment. While this debate will continue, tech lovers will definitely ask for a combo. What do you think?

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