Future: Drive your car via Apple’s voice command system!

Feb 4, 2020, 7:28 am

Are you an Apple user? Do you know about the latest patents that Apple has been granted? Do you know that you can now drive your car just with the gestures of Apple’s technology? Wanna drive with just voice commands? Well, here you will know all about it.

On January 28, the US Trademark and Patent Office have granted a set of 52 patents to Apple. One of these patents is the technology called ‘Driverless Vehicle Guidance Around Destination Using Target Signals’. It was on January 23 that Apple brought out this idea to the public.

With a target of reaching $2 Trillion, Apple is thought to be planning on introducing voice-assisted cars. There was a rumor that Apple will be soon introducing cars. In 2014, according to some reports, the Apple tool called Project Titan was developed. In 2018, Apple analyst, Min Chi-Kuo was supposed to have counted the vehicle with an augmented-reality assisted headset. This act has a sort of guaranteed car as future products from Apple.

Since then several car-related patents were applied by Apple and its executives from brands like Ford, Tesla, and General Motors. Now let us know how this voice command technology works.

1. ‘Driverless Vehicle Guidance Around Destination Using Target Signals’ is a system that lets you drive a car without a driver, as is evident from the headline.

2. It is capable of working using commands, gestures and touch screens.

3. If you command the car to go to a place like a restaurant, library or a florist, without any specific details, your car will automatically detect suitable place based on its proximity, the charges, and the history of your visit to the restaurant

4. Don’t you worry about parking at all? The car will automatically find the location of your search keeping in mind about the parking solutions

5. This car will also make use of gaze and touch inputs other than voice commands

6. When you point at a parking space using your smartphone, the car will detect that and park itself there

Although this patent was applied on 2 August 2019, it is yet not clear whether Apple will use this patent or sell it to other automobile companies. It is true that with Apple integration, CarPlay can work in many vehicles but for this command services for driverless driving, several other abilities will be required.

The Patent is quite exciting but until this car arrives, we can always dream about the best of technology from Apple. What say?

TechGenyz Reporter