Survey says good camera quality is one of the most important criteria for customers these days. The market strategy of selling a cellphone puts the prime focus on camera quality most of the time.

Nowadays, where several other companies are pushing themselves to reinvent and modify better to best camera quality features in their low-cost smartphones, Nokia still seems to lag.

Over two years, customer requests have bombarded the forum pages to incorporate better camera quality, which Nokia has failed until today.

Nokia, which is known as one of the premium phone brands, popularizing over decades and fetched the most trustworthy certificate from its public, unfortunately, failed to implement the essential criteria of coming up with a better camera upgrade.

Many users had resorted to additional camera apps. But the Android 10 update has worsened the situation, causing the apps to fail in clicking and saving photos or uploading pictures over social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and others.

Every day mobile phone companies are struggling to incorporate newer developments into their camera features, mounting high-end image capturable cameras for customer satisfaction. However, the continuous reluctance and overhearing customers’ reviews not only display their ignorance but is further inviting customer dissatisfaction.