LG to Launch 5G Supporting Smartphone at Half the Usual Price

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LG, for quite some time, had been intending to bring about intermediate smartphones supporting the 5G network to meet the surging public demands. Its latest production LG Velvet has been a result of this plan but despite its sleek design and premium features, the excessively high price had been a shock for the common mass.

But LG’s proposal to launch a new 5G supporting model at half the price of Velvet serves the solution to this problem.

This South Korean based company is about to come forward with the launch of a new model and much cheaper price under the initiative of Xiaomi to expand its operation in South Korea. In order to cope up with the Korean resistance for Chinese products, Xiaomi has resorted to such an action. Based on this, the head of Xiaomi writes:

We know that our products can face some resistance. Therefore, we guarantee that the price will be attractive to Korean consumers. They have high expectations for 5G but also look for a cost-effective relationship.

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About the phone features, this model will appear with a screen size 1080×2400 MP and supported by Snapdragon 765 with a 6GB RAM and 64/128 GB of internal storage.

The LCD panel will also have a finger scanner mounted on its side offering more space the rear part of the set. However, the metal body like that of the Velvet will be substituted here by a plastic surface to make it more cost-effective and sell it at a more profitable price.

Though no LG spokesperson has officially mentioned it, the model might come at a pocket-friendly budget of $400 with all the qualities of 5G supporting smartphone technology that one can crave for.

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