Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 18,364,958
    Confirmed: 18,364,958
    Active: 6,107,164
    Recovered: 11,562,772
    Death: 695,022
  • USA 4,838,250
    Confirmed: 4,838,250
    Active: 2,280,001
    Recovered: 2,399,640
    Death: 158,609
  • Brazil 2,736,298
    Confirmed: 2,736,298
    Active: 758,021
    Recovered: 1,884,051
    Death: 94,226
  • India 1,855,331
    Confirmed: 1,855,331
    Active: 585,920
    Recovered: 1,230,440
    Death: 38,971
  • Russia 856,264
    Confirmed: 856,264
    Active: 188,464
    Recovered: 653,593
    Death: 14,207
  • South Africa 511,485
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 511,485
    Active: 155,892
    Recovered: 347,227
    Death: 8,366
  • Mexico 439,046
    Confirmed: 439,046
    Active: 101,906
    Recovered: 289,394
    Death: 47,746
  • Peru 428,850
    Confirmed: 428,850
    Active: 115,049
    Recovered: 294,187
    Death: 19,614
  • Chile 361,493
    Confirmed: 361,493
    Active: 17,810
    Recovered: 333,976
    Death: 9,707
  • Spain 344,134
    Confirmed: 344,134
    Active: 315,662
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,472
  • Iran 312,035
    Confirmed: 312,035
    Active: 24,402
    Recovered: 270,228
    Death: 17,405
  • UK 305,623
    Confirmed: 305,623
    Active: 259,413
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,210
  • Saudi Arabia 280,093
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 280,093
    Active: 35,089
    Recovered: 242,055
    Death: 2,949
  • Pakistan 280,029
    Confirmed: 280,029
    Active: 25,172
    Recovered: 248,873
    Death: 5,984
  • Italy 248,229
    Confirmed: 248,229
    Active: 12,474
    Recovered: 200,589
    Death: 35,166
  • Bangladesh 242,102
    Confirmed: 242,102
    Active: 101,013
    Recovered: 137,905
    Death: 3,184
  • Turkey 233,851
    Confirmed: 233,851
    Active: 10,607
    Recovered: 217,497
    Death: 5,747
  • Germany 212,158
    Confirmed: 212,158
    Active: 9,330
    Recovered: 193,600
    Death: 9,228
  • France 191,295
    Confirmed: 191,295
    Active: 79,501
    Recovered: 81,500
    Death: 30,294
  • Canada 117,007
    Confirmed: 117,007
    Active: 6,482
    Recovered: 101,578
    Death: 8,947
  • China 84,428
    Confirmed: 84,428
    Active: 781
    Recovered: 79,013
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 55,470
    Confirmed: 55,470
    Active: 49,321
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,149
  • Australia 18,318
    Confirmed: 18,318
    Active: 7,475
    Recovered: 10,622
    Death: 221
  • S. Korea 14,389
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,389
    Active: 808
    Recovered: 13,280
    Death: 301
  • New Zealand 1,567
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,567
    Active: 27
    Recovered: 1,518
    Death: 22

Learning Matters’ Virtual Voice Teacher ‘Tara’ is Revolutionising the Way Students Learn in India

Author at TechGenyz India
Tara English
An image about learning should not be stopped. credit: @Gerd Altmann | Pixabay

Tara, the proprietary virtual voice teacher of Learning Matters, an ed-tech company headquartered in Bangalore, is radically changing the way students learn in schools and their own homes across the country.

Tara – a dynamic, two-way interactive teaching assistant that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) – has been instrumental in solving challenges brought on by COVID-19 in online teaching and learning through the use of voice technology. With the use of text-to-speech and speech-to-text, Tara employs voice technology to create an immersive learning experience.

Tara is extremely light on hardware, requiring only a smartphone or a simple voice-enabled device such as the Echo dot and a voice platform like Amazon Alexa. Speaking about the easy deployment of Tara, Gowri Mahesh, co-founder and COO of Learning Matters says, Tara requires only a minimum 3G connection to function effectively, making it not only a simple interface to use but also very easy to deploy and use anywhere.

Further, Tara ensures natural learning by making use of the most natural way in which human beings learn – through conversation and interactivity i.e. listening and speaking. And with content that is aligned to the curriculum, engagement with learners is high.

The pandemic has made video-based learning the default mode of teaching. However, video-based learning has its own set of mandatory requirements including high-speed internet and a tablet, laptop or desktop. With Tara, Learning Matters is solving these challenges that are contributing to the digital divide.

With just a smartphone and an app, learners can access their lessons and assessments. Furthermore, Tara can repeat lessons, exercises, and assessments as many times as learners need, without any fatigue. She supports individualized learning as well as pair, small-group, and large-group learning. With such varied use cases and capabilities, Tara has proved to be an able teacher assistant that allows students to continue uninterrupted learning, whether at school or at home.

Tara can teach in Hindi, too. Tara English an Amazon Alexa skill teaches English to non-English speaking users in an easy and seamless way. By simply saying, Alexa, Tara English open Karo, users can launch the Tara English skill and go through lessons based on levels of proficiency. Tara English is available on the Amazon Alexa skill store.

Speaking of the USP of Tara Saraswathy Ramamoorthy, Co-founder & CMO of Learning Matters says, The biggest advantage of Tara is that she will not only tell learners they are incorrect but also explain why and correct them. And, because she is a non-judgemental teacher, learners learn without fear, whether they are adults or children. Also, with Tara, there is no concern about screen time.

Ramamoorthy G, Co-founder & CEO of Learning Matters speaking about the future plans for Tara said, Tara is already in use to effectively teach English to students and teachers. Soon, Tara will also teach science and the humanities making it a superior intervention tool in education.