NASA is about to launch its Atlas V 541 near Space Launch Complex-41, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, coming Thursday, July 30, at 7:50 a.m. EDT.

mars 2020

The mission will be exploring the Jezero Crater to study the planet Mars’ tenant ability, seeking signs of ancient microbial life, collecting and storing samples of selected rock and soil, and preparing for future human missions. The technology adapted is further used to demonstrate to prove that powered flight can be achieved at Mars.

Perseverance rover mission’s project manager John McNamee said,

I have seen my fair share of spacecraft being lifted onto rockets. But this one is special because there are so many people who contributed to this moment. To each one of them, I want to say, we got here together, and we’ll make it to Mars the same way. – John McNamee

Further, ULA developer has commented on Atlas V 541 rocket as

“A modular vehicle, each Atlas V is tailored to the needs of its passenger by adding as many as five side-mounted solid rocket boosters for increased lift performance and a variety of available payload fairings in various diameters and lengths to protect satellites during atmospheric ascent. The high-energy Centaur upper stage, which has been used to send spacecraft to every planet in our solar system, is incorporated into Atlas V to deliver the payloads to their intended destinations.”

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