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A new Z Series Sports car from the house of Nissan has been launched 15 years after the introduction of the Nissan 370Z. People’s perception of the Z series has not been well developed because of the not so popular opinions about the same.

Nissan GT-R is the car that comes to our mind whenever we think of their beast machines. Nissan officially announced that the Nissan Z Series Sports car, successor model of the 370Z will be unmasked on the 16th of September in Tokyo. It is a prototype car and thus the name being 400Z is not a possibility.

The Nissan Z Series Sports car has its best specs from the predecessor 370Z and will have the two-door design and shape that is seen in Sportscars. The headlights have well-crafted definitions and edges and the body is more futuristic and radical. We can expect a better aerodynamic design in this car.

It is reported that the Nissan Z Series Sports car to be powered by a V6 turbocharged gasoline engine that produces over 400 horsepower. It will come with a 6-speed manual gearbox or an automatic 7-speed transmission. It is surely going to catch the attention of consumers with its unmatched 50 years of legacy and its modern offerings in one pack.

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