Tesla presses charges against a ransomware attack of $1 million in Bitcoin

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The FBI has arrested a 27-year-old Los Angeles based hacker, identified to be Egor Igorevich of Russian origin against Tesla’s complaint, charged with the accusation of a ransomware attack for $1 million.

Earlier, Elon Musk, known to be one of the richest men who succeeded in making Tesla the biggest carmaker in the world, had pressed charges against another Bitcoin-based hack, which took place in July, earlier this year. However, this time, the crime is hardcore, as Tesla claims it to be ‘a serious attack’ putting the 465 billion-dollar company at risk.

The event took place when an employee was asked to install the ransomware in the company’s software, which would, in turn, lead to a malfunction in the whole computer network of the company.

This type of ransomware attack is risky as the malware originating from crypto virology tends to threaten the victim on accounts of releasing personal data of a company or by blocking access to such data until a lumpsum amount is paid by the company to retrieve it. The employee who was treated had informed other colleagues, who then proceeded the case for the US Federal Bureau of Federation to take hold of the situation.

With a personal fortune of up to $100 billion, the threat posited by the young hacker was a serious concern, especially during this time of pandemic where the Work from Home notion serves to be an advantageous position for these criminals. Especially with the crypto coin tool like Bitcoins and others as a convenient, utility tool, these hackers have easily usurped over 140 million dollars over the last six years.

The FBI is still investigating this Russian national, who is now under court trials. The sentence has not been served yet; however, if found guilty, he is to be sentenced five years of jail.

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