Instagram has been lately working on Collaboration Controls for Interactive AR effects. This could possibly be a new type of AR effect.

From its name and from the post on Twitter by Alessandro Paluzzi who uploaded two screenshots, it seems like the users can now with this feature, choose whoever they want to collaborate with the Instagram Collaboration Control.

This can be people whom the users follow and are acquaintances or can be everyone who uses Instagram and who can access the user’s open profile and thirdly they can be people who have been mentioned in the story. This will enable much better interaction between the users and will be collectively safer for ensuring whom one user wants to collaborate with pertaining to the AR effects.

Earlier there were certain AR tools like Polaroid Instagram AR effect, AR lens, GTA III AR experience, Delorean AR experience by Luke Hurd, Notre-Dame AR effect, AR game Angel wings and so on that have already allowed the users to get closer to the AR. Now this collaboration activity shall ensure that the users can be safe while they wish to access Instagram and select whoever they want to.