UNWTO’s Feat for Rural Development and Gender Equality in Tourism Sectors

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Being one of the resilient sectors of all, Travel and Tourism has fiercely been outbattling the pandemic drawback. It has not only been one of the primary benefactors of the economic growth of nations all around the globe. Still, it has distributed equal work opportunities and employment, making it to be one of the most powerful sectors in every aspect.

However, a recent report documented by UNWTO has observed that despite its diversification, the work opportunity has piled up and concentrated mostly in the urban areas, leaving out remote areas again on the brink of darkness, unemployment, and without much recognition.

Keeping that in mind, this year on World Tourism Day, Celebrated on the 27th of September, UNWTO had endeavored in celebrating rural development as its major celebration theme, urging people around the world to contribute and be an enthusiast in considering tourism as an upholder of rural development. Keeping the same essence, UNWTO has brought forth one more recommendation on equal opportunity and women empowerment.

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Following the pandemic, it is of utmost importance for essentializing rural growth and development as they have observed those peripheries facing the core of the crisis relentlessly, speaking of which, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres commented:

“An opportunity to rethink how tourism interacts with our societies, other economic sectors and our natural resources and ecosystems; to measure and manage it better; to ensure the fairer distribution of its bene?ts and to advance the transition towards a carbon-neutral and more resilient tourism economy.”

With the motto of ‘ enhance (ing) job creation, protect natural resources and cultural heritage, promote social inclusion and empower local communities and traditionally disadvantaged groups, particularly women, youth and Indigenous peoples,” UNWTO has endeavored in making rural territories major attractions ‘for both locals and visitors of different generations and different access needs, thus providing a better quality of life for all.’

They have observed that the most disadvantaged group of employees, mostly women have benefitted from the tourism department by 54% as compared to 39% of the world economy. Keeping in mind, UNWTO has pointed out few ‘Goals’ as a part of this endeavor:

  1. Goals 1 (No Poverty),
  2. 5 (Gender Equality),
  3. 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth),
  4. 10 (Reduced Inequalities)
  5. 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities),
  6. 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production),
  7. 15 (Life on Land), and
  8. 17 (Partnerships for the Goals), as well as the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

Lastly, following these ethical goals, it seems that UNWTO is distinctly about to bring a change and betterment in our society following the lineage of the tourism sector with an advanced goal of rural upliftment, its contribution as a tourist sector, as well as to create an awareness centering around a sustainable means of travel to the upcoming generation.

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