Almost a month ago, Redmi’s General Manager Lu Weibing shared a post on social media that hinted at the company’s probable new venture into the small screen area. At that point, it was thought that the Chinese company was perhaps thinking about bringing out a new smartphone with a small screen, like the iPhone 12 mini.

However, since no news has followed the announcement, the netizens are left to wonder if the ‘small screen’ announcement was for an upcoming smartphone, or perhaps an addition to some other device from Redmi.

The answer to that question might not be a definitive one, and it might not have a direct correlation to it, but on 25th November, Xiaomi Smart Life officially announced that Redmi will launch a new light-weight small square screen on 26th November. The mysterious announcement is accompanied by a new slogan, “Goodbye, Big Ben”.

Interestingly, Redmi has a conference planned for 26th November which will see the unveiling of Redmi’s latest Redmi Note 9 series at 8 pm. The event will not only launch the new smartphone, the Note 9 Three Musketeers but will also introduce, if not launch, the new small square screen on November 26th

As mentioned before, Redmi is keeping it under the wraps whatever the new attraction is in such a way that there has been no news of it online. At this moment, the specific configuration of the screen remains unknown, along with its category.

However, one thing that could be said about the new product is that it has been paired with the new Redmi clock. More news on the clock is yet to be released by the Chinese smartphone giant; in the meantime, the new small square screen is thought to be somewhat related to the new clock.

Taking this into consideration, the new product could be either a smartwatch or a smart bracelet, but that is all there is to it – mere speculation.

Redmi launched a Bluetooth device earlier this year with the model number REDMIWT01, and later the news broke that the device is a Redmi smartwatch.

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