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Are you looking for a way to grow your email list? If so, you’re not alone. Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your company. It’s no surprise that business owners across all industries use email to skyrocket engagement and conversions. 

The thing is, getting people to sign up for special content and offers from your brand isn’t easy, especially if you’re starting with a brand new list. Research shows that despite the challenges, email marketing is worth pursuing. On average, companies see a 4,400% return on investment when they optimize their email strategy. 

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Today, our goal is to go over four ways you can get more people to subscribe to your email list. The tips outlined below have something for everyone. You’ll find ways to get more people to subscribe using your website, social media, and content marketing strategy. 

Let’s dive in! 

Create Value-Packed Lead Magnets

Your blog is an excellent way to get more subscribers. A whopping 77% of online users read blog posts, and that number is on the rise. Consumers are interested in long experiences with brands. Gone are the days where someone buys a product and doesn’t come back for several years.

If you want to ensure that you have a long, happy relationship with each of your customers, you have to encourage them to sign up for emails from your business.

One way to instantly get new visitors to join your list is with a lead magnet. Essentially, lead magnets are pieces of content that help consumers with a specific goal or pain point. In exchange for your piece of content, a user has to provide their email address. You could publish an educational course, long-form guide, or infographic, just to name a few examples.

You’ll create a more effective lead magnet if you understand the needs of your audience. Think about some of the hurdles your customers might face and how you can bring them one step closer to their goals.

Don’t forget to optimize your blog for conversions by creating an opt-in form that encourages users to subscribe to your email list. You can even segment your audience by creating unique lead magnets for each subsection of your customers. For instance, an online pet store owner could create two lead magnets, one featuring a dog and another with a cat. Customers that show interest in the cat-themed lead magnet are likely looking for similar content and offers.

Run Monthly Giveaways

You can dramatically grow your email list by creating monthly giveaways. In most cases, you’ll want to offer one of your most sought-after products or services to the winner. You can use things like Amazon gift cards and AirPods, but putting one of your products up ensures that you’re attracting the right audience.

We suggest creating a contest landing page on your website and sharing it on social media. If you use the right tools, you set rules for your giveaway that incentivize users to join your email list. 

For example, let’s say you add three ways to enter your content. The first is by following your brand on social media. The second entry method is to share your post, which helps new people find your brand. Finally, subscribers can enter again by subscribing to your email list. 

This strategy allows you to grow your social media followers, get more email subscribers, and spread brand awareness. If you hold a contest every month, more people will enter each time, especially if you announce the winner in a fun and interactive way. 

Host Events on Social Media

Speaking of social media, did you know that over 3.96 billion people use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? This statistic reveals that there’s an enormous potential audience on social media for virtually every industry you can imagine. Odds are, your target customers reside on one of the popular social websites. 

The best way to reach new users on social media is with video content. Believe it or not, 43% of online shoppers say they want more video content from businesses. If you can create a robust video marketing strategy, you can exponentially grow your email list and social media subscribers. 

There are several ways to share video content on social media. You could repurpose some of your best blog content into videos. We recommend creating a YouTube channel and hosting all of your videos in one place. You’ll start to gather a following on YouTube and have the option to share the videos out. 

Now, you can go to your other popular social media channels and share video content designed to entertain, educate, and sell to customers. When you consider that 59% of consumers use social media for shopping inspiration, it’s easy to see how making your content visible on social media will result in more sales and signups. 

You can also hold a live event, such as an educational webinar, or ask me anything (AMA). If you want to grow your email address before the event, you could encourage users to register to secure their spots. It’s also possible to grow your list after your event too. Simply include a link to a signup form and ask visitors to subscribe if they want to be notified about future events and content. 

Highlight Social Proof

Finally, you can get more email subscribers by highlighting social proof on your website. In marketing, social proof is a psychological trend where people are more likely to trust someone if they see that other people had a good experience or trust them. 

The most common type of social proof is reviews. A stunning 70% of people look for reviews before buying a product. It’s safe to say that these same people want to see the evidence that you’re trustworthy before they hand over sensitive data like their email address. 

We suggest including product reviews on your website and brand reviews on your homepage. So, if you have a testimonial from another high-profile business in your industry, include that on your front page. If someone sees that you’re highly recommended by a bunch of strangers or a handful of high-profile businesses, they are more likely to subscribe to your email list. 

It’s also possible to use numbers to get more people to sign up. Use the number of people subscribed to your list on the signup banner to build social proof. If a new visitor sees that you have over 10,000 subscribers, they are more likely to join because they see evidence that your brand is trustworthy. 

Final Thoughts

It will take time to grow your email list. There will be some days where no one subscribes and others where people sign up non-stop. But if you consistently work towards improving your value proposition and finding clever ways to get visitors to subscribe, growth will follow. 

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