Mercedes-Benz plans to equip the S-Class with an automatic driving system

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At the moment, although a lot of automakers are developing a fully autonomous vehicle, they have not been able to do so. However, the companies have been able to come up with a technology for the “automatic driving system” that is suitable for high-speed working conditions.

One of the leading car makers in the world, Mercedes Benz will also use this technology. It has come to light that a car integrating the automatic driving system from Mercedes Benz will appear on German highways later this year. The automobile manufacturer will equip its S-series flagship sedan car with an automatic driving system. As per a few reports, the system can take up full responsibility for driving the vehicle.

The system that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class equips reaches its best potential in situations where the vehicles on the highway stop and go. Indeed, stuck in traffic jams drivers feel impatient, and thereby, many of them choose to drive fast. Stuck in a similar situation the driver can activate the automated function.

The German law allows the drivers to divert their attention from the road to scroll online, or write emails or even read the newspapers to pass the time. The automatic driving system will always keep the driver alert, and if the conditions on the road deviate from the specified operating parameters of the vehicle, the system will remind the driver to concentrate on regaining control over the vehicle.

Daimler CEO Kang Linsong said, “We are working with government departments to safely introduce this technology, with initial speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour.” He further explains that by doing so the drivers can relax and enjoy the journey even during traffic jams on highways.

Mercedes-Benz plans to equip the S-Class with a highway autopilot system within the year.

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