OPPO is one of the domestic mobile phone brands that most frequently promotes its strong innovation skills, is constantly demonstrating its commitment to innovation through patent applications.

Another OPPO patent, titled “Virtual SIM Card Implementation Method, Device, System, and Mobile Terminal,” was recently approved.  

Despite the fact that it is referred to as a “virtual SIM card,” the patent summary indicates that there is a distinction between the virtual SIM card that OPPO applied for this time and the virtual SIM card that we are familiar with.  

A virtual (Virtual) SIM card, according to our previous definition, is a SIM function that is implemented entirely in software and is dependent on the operating system. The terminal may even be able to access the Internet without relying on the operator while the function is being implemented.  

The method described in this patent involves using a patch integration method to connect to the virtual SIM card chip on the motherboard and matching the motherboard to realize the SIM card function.  

This technology is actually closer to the “eSIM card” (embedded SIM card) we previously knew, in which a SIM card with the ability to write data is embedded in the body, eliminating the need for standard modules like the card tray and card slot. The eSIM capability, for example, enables many smartwatches on the market to provide independent communication services.  

Despite the fact that eSIM has been utilized in various mobile phones around the world, it’s acceptable that OPPO registered for this patent for mobile phones because no mobile phone products in China have actually implemented and exploited associated capabilities.  

The existence of this patent may also indicate that OPPO will release a model with the virtual SIM card module specified in this patent in the future. I’m wondering whether you’d be interested in getting started? 

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