A Chinese-based tech firm, Hanwang has introduced self-invented bionic flapping-wing aircraft, Go-Go Bird 1020, including the bionic flapping-wing robot Go-Go Bird, Eagle, Peacock, and Bi. Fang and Butterfly at Hanwang Technology Autumn New Product Launch Conference. The yearly conference took place earlier today.

According to multiple reports from the IT grounds, this new set of Go-Go Bird series has a structure that features a real Bird and Go-Go Bird eagle and the peacock resembles the shape of a real bird. Go-Go Bird eagle/Peacock has a numerous element which brings a detailed frame like it has built-in multi-chip for multitudinous data and information collection. This can be immensely great to discern the gliding and flight viewpoint, which has built to pull off a range of grim bionic flight movements. 

The new innovative Go-Go Bird 1020 collection primarily targeted young individuals and chiefly spotlights on STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) education and aerodyne prototype. Hanwang Go-Go Bird 1020 has also integrated intelligent perception technology, flight control algorithm, and human-computer interaction technology, which can bring off far out arduous action performances, including fixed height flight, straight flight, and specific flight which is the staggering features of Go-Go Bird 1020.

It can also decipher certain latitude and longitude from ground level, and also it can dispatch spectacular voice reminders when the flying bird is crossing the limit in the atmosphere. This new Robot bird combines all the features in a bionic microchip to perform all the required actions. Additionally, Hanwang Technology has revealed a series of bionic robot birds for kids, the Go-Go Bird Bifang/Butterfly. 

Notably, Hanwang Technology has launched the first facial recognition technology in China to recognize people wearing masks.

With the advent of modern robotic innovation, we can decipher certain things are pursuing through the innovative path. A noteworthy addition to the innovation library that the bionic four-legged Cyberdog launched by Xiaomi and the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer firm Xiaopeng found the world’s first ridable smart robot horse.