Today, October 8, the Chinese smartphone made in India manufacturer, Realme, has officially announced that it has applied for the trademark for the new Realme 11.11.

The information was shared via a Twitter post by Mukul Sharma, earlier this morning, where he stated that the India based smartphone company has applied for the trademark of Realme 11.11

“Realme files the trademark for Realme 11.11” The Twitter post reads.

However, Twitter users have started responding to the post. According to Ashish Saggu (The tech trackers) maintain that Realme 11 is coming after series 9.

Recall that Realme had earlier officially announced that it would launch Realme series 9 by 14th October 2021 in India.

The company is a trendsetting technology brand, founded in 2018 by the former vice president of Oppo, Sky Li, and a subsidiary of BBK Electronics.

As among the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brands, realms is firmly entrenched in the mainstream smartphone market. At the moment, realme is available in 61 markets throughout the world, including Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa among others.