Why Instagram is no longer the main trend in social media

In the past few years, Instagram itself has ceased to be the most popular social network, despite the fact that a huge number of people still use it every day. Unfortunately, trends change quickly and now the audience has slightly different needs. In this article, we’ll tell you if Instagram will be popular and will be the main trend in the coming years and if you should buy Instagram followers today.

Why has everything changed so much

A few years ago, when Instagram appeared, people were interested in viewing the feed of photos and reading long captions to them. Instagram was created for people to share moments of their lives with relatives and friends, and publish the most memorable shots to their accounts. However, that time has passed and the perception of content has changed. That is why it is difficult to say whether it is worth it to buy real Instagram followers today to promote your profile.

Now the format of short videos is rapidly gaining popularity and TikTok has become the main global trend. The younger generation is much less likely to view and like photos because they lack dynamics. Also, few people are interested in reading descriptions because reading has now gone far into the background. Viewers need dynamics. If you can’t get attention in the first 10 seconds, then your content will be instantly closed and forgotten.

What will happen next

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Unfortunately, no one can influence the interests of a young audience. The focus on voluminous content is a thing of the past, and teens now prefer to consume fast content. Many experts assume that this situation will not last long. Probably soon people will get tired of flipping short videos, and we will again return to the format of films and long reads.

Now we can only guess about it because we are changing every day and the attitude to content too. It should be understood that the situation of Instagram to be the main trend will most likely not change in the next year or two.

Where beginner bloggers should develop

Of course, if we are talking about social networks as the main ways of making money, then first of all it is worth mentioning TikTok or Snapchat. Now, these are the most popular platforms for publishing content and making a lot of money. However, as mentioned above, these sites may be short-term and after a few years, this format may stop collecting a lot of positive feedback.

If you are a beginner blogger, then we recommend that you create accounts in all services and publish different content. For example, you can write long texts and post beautiful photos on Instagram, but periodically create short videos for other social networks. This will help you be interested in different target audiences and create content that is relevant to everyone.

If it seems to you that you cannot make high-quality unique content for several sites, then contact the professionals to help you. For example, you can invite a designer or copywriter to make posts faster. We wish you every success!

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