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Today, the Chinese designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and related software company, Xiaomi has officially announced that it has obtained the patent permission for the new foot-type robot.

Recall that earlier this month, the Chinese tech giant unveiled the robot dog named “Iron Egg”, of which the patent permission was granted in November, this year.

The new Xiaomi foot-type robot is expected to feature a head and a torso body connected to the head; a plurality of leg components connected to the torso body; a sensor component in the torso body, the sensor component collecting user state information; and a control component arranged in the torso body, the control component being connected to the sensor component.

The leg components under the torso body can improve the robot’s flexibility, and the user’s status information can be acquired through the sensor components, boosting the user’s perception by the footed robot in one embodiment of the present invention. This establishes a foundation for controlling the footed robot and improves the user’s emotional sense of the robot as well as the user’s capacity to accompany the user.

Xiaomi reportedly released the first bionic quadruped robot-CyberDog in August of this year, dubbed the “Iron Egg” by Lei Jun.

The quadruped robot “Iron Egg” has a high-precision environmental sensing system, and 11 high-precision sensors distributed throughout the body to communicate data to the AI brain in real-time.

It also features a bionic movement gait that can listen to commands, recognize the owner, and follow the person to move independently. This technical edge also enables Xiao Ai to operate other smart devices.

In recent times robots have impeded our lives, many large manufacturing companies, for example, in the manufacturing process of automobiles, have been replaced by robots, and even some unmanned warehouses or hotel operations, this shows that robots become part and parcel of humans.

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