According to the user’s reports on Macrumors and the Apple support community, it shows that Apple’s home-brewed Voice assistant Siri seems to have lost interest in appraising songs in Apple Music after upgrading to Apple iOS 15 or higher version.

While listening to your favorite songs from the music library on iPhone and iPad, it used to be plausible to request the voice assistant Siri to “evaluate this song,” Siri from nowhere but from inside the device promptly pops up from the speaker of the phone to give a detailed review for that particular song you are waiting to see the result, Siri, the invisible assistant, would do so without a stir.

It was an extraordinary inventiveness from the iPhone maker, Siri was introduced back in 2011 alongside the iPhone 4s, and the ability to evaluate songs in the Apple music library with Siri was debuted with Apple iOS 8.

Apple iPhone and iPad users often count on the skill owned by Siri to rate a song in their music library when they’re busy with their activities, and many users made it famous just because it can make a smart playlist based on the ratings. Thus far, reports are just begun to levitate across the popular forums like Reddit, Apple support communities, and the Macrumors that the feature isn’t available in iOS 15‌ or iOS 15.1.

Siri used to carry out the requests and rate the songs. Still, now it’s just projecting its ideas in words, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” we were wondering if Siri has lost its potential to obey the owner’s words or in some cases, users are discovering that Siri has rated enough songs, it can’t do more as it is losing its elixirs.

As of now, it’s ambiguous If this problem is a deliberate enhancement by Apple, or it could be a sporadic server-side problem. It is noteworthy that both iOS 15‌ and iOS 15.2 revamped voice assistant Siri‌’s functions and features

In addition, in iOS 15, Apple has modified Siri to handle a few requests without a network connection or even with a poor internet connection. It can resolve queries and set alarms and timers in a timely way. Similarly, in iOS 15.2, Apple introduced a spanking new Apple Music voice control solution, which depends entirely on Siri for music playback and user interaction.

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