Samsung Revives its Wallet App

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Samsung has recently taken to reviving its long-forgotten wallet app, and to the surprise of most, this announcement came seemingly out of nowhere. Until now, the wallet app was but a remnant of Samsung’s previous framework, and it looked as though it had no plans to continue its development any further.

However, this has now been flipped entirely on its head. Let’s jump straight into it and take a look at why Samsung has decided to revive its wallet app as well as what this means for you if you happen to own a Samsung phone.

Samsung phone
Samsung Phone | Image Credit: Pixabay/@pexels

Stagnation Spurs Innovation

If you are wondering why Samsung revived its wallet app, the answer is relatively simple; stagnation spurs innovation. Innovation is absolutely vital to the success of any business, and as is the case with most phone manufacturers in the industry, innovation seems to be an almost forgotten concept.

However, unlike other phone manufacturers who seem to be getting by just fine without any true innovation, the same cannot be said for Samsung. Samsung goes down in value every year that passes, and when you pair this with its prime competitor, Apple, this is just not satisfactory.

This has forced Samsung to actually provide more value to its customers, and this is one of the many reasons why its wallet app has made a return. It also doesn’t help that most of their competitors also offer a wallet app – meaning that anyone with a Samsung was sorely missing out on this feature.

This decision was likely entirely practical, and in reality, not having their own version of a wallet app was going to catch up to them sooner or later.

What This Means For Samsung Users

Good news for all of your sports betting fans out there; no longer will you have to jump through a plethora of hurdles in order to access the hobby you love. Replace sports betting with any online hobby that requires quick identification or fast transactions.

Samsung’s wallet app will act as an all-in-one wallet to store everything from IDs, payment methods, loyalty cards, keys, as well as much more. This is going to make everyday life a whole lot easier, and in all truth, this is a feature that should have been implemented for years now. Samsung users will no longer have to be envious of Apple and Android users; no, the playing field is a little more even now.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a much better understanding of the numerous reasons why Samsung has decided to revive its wallet app as well as what this will mean for Samsung users going forward.

This development was completely logical for Samsung, and without their own rendition of a wallet, they would be giving themselves a huge disadvantage when compared to most other smartphone developers. See you in the next one, and we hope you enjoy Samsung’s new wallet.

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