The Best Apps to Take Care of Yourself 

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You can take care of yourself in many ways, but the main thing is to do it with pleasure and without tearing yourself up. Let’s find out about 7 apps that will take care of the chore and make sure you’re doing just fine.


Who says gaming isn’t serious? It depends on the games. There are some, for example, that keep your brain toned down, preventing senile dementia, Alzheimer’s, and many other age-related troubles, and there are even titles, like online slots for real money that can even become an extra income source. What’s more, simple puzzles, puzzles, logic and memory games help relieve stress, switch modes from “work” to “rest”, and raise self-esteem.

Google Calendar

To keep your needs in mind, you need to put them on a calendar and “reserve” time for them. Not all of us can keep our plans, appointments, and arrangements in our heads, so a calendar app will help out. No more missed meetings with your best friend, visits to the hairdresser or doctor, unplanned workouts, or walks in the park.

Here are some nice bonuses:

  • You can set reminders.
  • Mark items related to self-care with a separate color.
  • Add self-care ideas to notes (and implement them later).
  • Let loved ones know you’re busy at an agreed-upon time or invite them to keep you company.

Day One

In the flow of daily activities, we sometimes forget how wonderful our lives are! Emotions, impressions, new experiences and acquaintances lose their brightness after 2-3 days and are completely erased from memory after a week.

A diary app will help to prevent this. Furthermore, daily short notes are psychotherapy format light: you can express gratitude, mark daily achievements, answer yourself simple questions about physical and mental well-being. Conveniently, it allows you to save photos and audio recordings.


Taking care of yourself is also taking care of your future, and it’s directly related to financial well-being. Periodic lack of money, the need to borrow, lack of savings and a “financial cushion”, the inability to make large purchases – all this reduces the quality of life and increases stress levels. This app will help you keep track of expenses and plan them, increase financial consciousness: it will inspire you to save money and reduce the number of impulse purchases. It’s especially helpful if you want to get some money to achieve your dreams. 

It has some extra benefits:

  • Maximum visualization – your budget in beautiful charts.
  • Import of transactions from banks (you won’t have to enter most expenses manually).
  • Handy reminders about debt repayments or monthly spending limits.


If you think that meditation does not suit you, you may be right (then washing dishes or taking a walk with the dog are your options, they are great for balancing the inner state). Or maybe you just haven’t tried meditating with apps yet.

Here are some nice perks:

  • Help with falling asleep.
  • Breathing practices.
  • Meditation options for all occasions – to get rid of anxiety or anger, tune in to work, improve relationships with loved ones, even get your children used to meditating.


To make sure you don’t quit any self-care option halfway through, download a habit tracker. Literally take 2-3 minutes each day to tick off helpful habits and you won’t forget to do the plank, stop skipping workouts, start drinking more water and with a clear conscience indulge in reading a book for 20 minutes every night.

This app also has lots of nice bonuses:

  • Increased self-esteem thanks to a handy achievement log.
  • The ability to track not only daily habits but also weekly and monthly habits.
  • Customizable reminders.

Nike Training Club

Movement is life. This rule is especially important for office workers: you have a relatively sedentary format of work, and stress associated with responsibility. Training perfectly copes with the consequences.

Gyms and fitness clubs solve the problem – but not when we want to isolate ourselves, or simply don’t have time to get to the right place. And with the fitness app, sports are where we are. Different types of workouts are available (yoga, cardio, strength, stretching), different intensities, and durations. You can share your successes on social networks and earn “Achievements” in the app.

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