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How chatbots will influence mobile app development in the future

Do you know that the inception and development of Chatbots started back in the year 1966 with Eliza, a medical chatbot? According to Markets and Markets by the year 2021, the market worth of chatbots would be 3, 172 million USD as compared to 703 million USD in 2016. This means that the market size […]

This ‘dog-bot’ can drag a 3-ton heavy Piaggio P180 Avanti airplane

Humanity has not yet figured out exactly what all these powerful, flexible four-legged robots, which are being developed now, will be engaged in, but will never get tired of looking at how they do they work. The latest example is the Italian model of a robot called HyQReal, which demonstrates its strongman skills by pulling […]

Qualcomm launches new Robotics RB3 Platform for manufacturing of Industrial Robots

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced today their new platform, the Qualcomm Robotics RB3 Platform. The new platform will help manufacturers and developers to create the next generation of advanced consumer, enterprise and industrial robotics products. The Robotics platform is based on the Qualcomm SDA/SDM845 system-on-chip. The platform aims at binding together key capabilities such as high-performance […]

New feature lets you ask Google Assistant to make Duo video calls

As the launch of Smart Displays gets closer, a new feature is added to Google Assistant. Earlier it was unable to send a message on Allo or start a video call on Duo, despite these apps being owned by Google itself. But now, this has become possible with the integration of Google Assistant with its […]

MIT’s ‘vision-free’ Cheetah 3 robot can negotiate dangerous environments

The MIT researchers ring in the good news of steady progress in their robotics projects as they announce an improved design of its MIT Cheetah 3 robot to the world. So, the 90-pound Cheetah robot, albeit blind, can now brush past rough terrain just like in the natural world, climb staircases laden with debris, regain […]

Amazon to develop a new mobile home robot, some sort of Alexa

Amazon, the online retail giant, according to Bloomberg is reportedly working on a new project of building its first robot for the home. The Amazon home robot will be developed by the same Amazon R&D department that had previously built the Kindle, Fire Phone, and Echo. Seeing the popularity of the previous products that have […]

5 Reasons why businesses will need Chatbots technology

Oh, how we used to hate chatbots. You visit a website just to look around. Suddenly, you start getting live chat notifications even though you never tried to contact a customer. “Hello, this is Tracy. How may I help you today?” No; it’s not Tracy and you never asked for her help. You ignore that […]

Microsoft makes Azure bot and language understanding service available for developers

Yesterday, Microsoft released two of its major AI services for the developers: Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS). These services provided via the Azure Cloud platform will help businesses in building chatbots and language comprehending. More specifically, the Bot Engine will provide a managed service to the companies for building ‘intelligent automated […]

LG Hom-Bot® gets highest marks in intelligence by Robotics Lab

LG came up with one of the first robotic vacuum cleaners of the world 16 years ago, endorsing a revolutionary point of progress in technology. The company’s leadership in the concerned markets led its engineers to introduce HOM-BOT® Turbo+ in the field of home appliance robotics. The device was recognized by Seoul National University (SNU) […]

Conversational computers: How bots will transform computing?

Computers are the basic necessity of everyone’s life and therefore have been evolving over a period of time. The latest evolving technology is conversational computing for the business world. Chatterbots are already in use and can search the internet for the user and help to find interesting stories all over the web. A Chatterbots (also […]