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Effective Twitter marketing strategy for growing business

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Twitter, a well-known social media platform that was founded in 2006, is still relevant for businesses and brands looking to increase their sales and traffic. Consumers are still trusting Twitter to help them find upstanding brands and are still making purchases based upon referrals.

According to Statista, as of the third quarter of 2020, Twitter still had 187 million active daily users. All 187 million users can be monetized by the platform and reached by global brands. What’s shocking is that those 187 million active users are responsible for over 500 million Tweets each day. Now that’s a lot of content!

What does this mean for your growing business?

It means that if your brand has an engaged following, you are ahead of the game. The social media platform can still be integrated into your marketing strategy for growth and utilized to generate sales.

A marketing strategy that includes media platforms designed for general awareness can help to expand your reach. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of Twitter followers, you can buy some. You can also purchase likes and retweets, in the beginning, to get everything started.

As a free-to-use platform, Twitter can still be used to:

  • Build a customer base
  • Release new products
  • Announce sales
  • Increase engagement
  • And more!

What is Twitter market strategy?

A Twitter market strategy is a set of sales and marketing tactics to establish your account on the social media app. Strategies can include buying likes, buying Twitter followers, tweeting up to a dozen times a day, and even engaging with known social media villains to drive traffic.

Whatever your strategy includes cracking funny jokes or live-tweeting a sports game, you should sit down and analyze your goals and how you plan to get there. If something goes wrong or isn’t scaling at the rate you’d expect, you should have a backup plan on any engagement application. In marketing, a backup plan could be the key to pivoting at the last minute when you need to.

  1. Do a deep dive into your audience and who you want to attract.
  2. Generate unique content that is going to catch someone’s eyes who would otherwise scroll by.
  3. Determine how often you will post when you tweet, and on what days to maximize engagement.
  4. Track your results and constantly adjust your strategy as needed.

Standing out on Twitter

Starting the conversation on Twitter is a great way to stand out and increase your following. If there is a specific subject that your company or personal brand wants to engage in conversation about, it’s not easy to find the people discussing that topic. All you must do is search a subject like “HBO” or “Chicago Food” in the search bar in the top right corner of Twitter’s website and then join the conversation.

You’ll find that hundreds, if not thousands of users on the app, discuss topics relevant to products you sell or the target market you’re attempting to reach.

What should I do if I want to stand out?

  • Start the conversation
  • Engage with commenters and other users with similar interests
  • Avoid retweeting journalist accounts, create your topics
  • Be witty, clever, and concise.

A lot of large corporations have been finding success on Twitter by hiring PR experts or a new member of their marketing team to respond and post on Twitter.

However, while your social department can focus on more than just Twitter, there needs to focus on engagement on the app. While other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are all about posts and viral stunts, Twitter is about continual usage.

Adding a personality to your company’s brand voice or even your consulting business can help to set you apart from the rest. In a world where more and more companies are afraid to express their true feelings about ingredients, sales tactics, customer segments, and more, don’t be scared to be unique on Twitter.

From your tweets to the comments and even retweets, there is nothing wrong with blazing a path on Twitter with the knowledge that others will follow. In addition, you will find that the more relatable your style appears to be, the more customers will gravitate towards your products and services.

When global corporations and small businesses adopt a brand voice online, it can attract a large following for a variety of reasons. Companies have chosen to be funny, smooth, intelligent, even witty. For example, when Wendy’s or another large corporation engages on Twitter with commenters and answers questions about their product, they bring a personality to their brand.

Wendy’s is famous for calling out an individual on Twitter who commented that their beef was frozen, and they knew it! The company came back and let that user know the truth and the Twitter universe applauded. You don’t have to be a fan of their hamburgers, but it is always nice to see any company defend their product on social media instead of disregarding the comments. A brand personality can make your company more “likeable”, more relatable, and more appealing to an undecided consumer.

Contacting Twitter influencers

In addition to all the helpful marketing tactics listed above, there are other ways you can use the app. Twitter is also a great place to locate influencers for brand deals and partnerships. If your account does not have many followers or likes, you can partner with a more extensive account that may boost your following. Exposure and collaboration can also lead to new target markets and demographics.

For example, new customer segments will have the opportunity to learn about your products or services and become customers.

When you click on an account on the app, you can instantly see how many tweets and followers that user has. Using these metrics and others such as likes and posts, your team should be able to determine an influencer or two who may appeal to your target market. However, before you decide or pitch the idea of collaborating with an influencer, be sure to scroll through their past posts. If there is any content that would scare off your current buyers or prevent you from acquiring a new following, hit the next button immediately!

Converting followers to sales

What’s the point of having a following on any social media if you don’t have the merchandise, products, or services to sell? While on social media, if you are not searching for engagement in the comments, your company should be promoting offerings. Some corporations have even gone to create landing pages for consumers who are inbound from top social media platforms. By designing a specific product page for inbound Twitter consumers, you may be able to increase your social media conversion rate.

A Tweet is an ideal way to share a coupon code, bring attention to a new sale or product, and generate hype around a release. Top global brands including Nike, Titleist, Apple, and more use Twitter as a platform to share exclusives with their following that you might not hear about via email or in the news.

In conclusion

If you are starting to believe that there could be a better way to utilize your brand’s Twitter account after reading the article above, it’s probably because there is! Whether you’ve been working to build your following for years or have just created an account, success on the platform could be just a few clicks away.

Are you going to collaborate with an influencer to boost your already growing following? Or maybe, start engaging in the comments of other popular user’s posts? Whichever path you choose on the app, don’t forget that all the engagement should be funneled to a final objective. Whether you are selling a product, building brand awareness, or promoting a new service, show users where they can learn more. Some global corporations have even gone to create individual landing pages for consumers who are inbound from top social platforms.

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