Low fuel contingency: NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft kept on hold to download science data

NASA has put its most renowned planet-hunting probe by far, the Kepler space telescope on hold in a bid to download science data gathered from 51 days of its observation mission because Kepler’s fuel tanks are running low. Provided that the fuel levels permit, NASA will resume the probe after the download is done, but […]

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is set to revolutionize human research on the Sun

NASA has announced today that it will launch NASA’s Parker Solar Probe on August 4 for a historic mission to understand the sun like never before. It will ‘touch’ the star, as the organization says, while flying close to it unprecedentedly. Media have been invited to view the spaceship on July 13 at 1.30pm EDT […]

NASA has its laboratory as our Earth to observe and analyze the exoplanets

Due to the incredible distances of the exoplanets (planets outside the solar system), NASA is using Earth as the laboratory for studying these celestial bodies. Still, each exoplanet looks as little as one pixel, but that’s enough for the scientists to observe and understand chief traits of these farfetched worlds. It is a new study […]

Hardware en route to Space station to support NASA research, SpaceX 15th resupply mission

The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off on schedule Friday morning from Florida making this the 15th flight to the space station. Dragon takes off on a Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida in the company of more than 5,900 pounds of research, cargo, equipment, and […]

NASA reports that ‘Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object gets unexpected force

‘Oumuamua is the first known interstellar object to have traveled through our solar system, and recent observations by international scientists state that it has obtained an unexpected boost in its speed. The force made it shift in trajectory while passing through the inner solar system in 2017. Marco Micheli, the lead author of the paper […]

NASA releases draft solicitation seeking partnerships to develop first gateway element

NASA’s Exploration Campaign will provide a Gateway as an orbital outpost for human and robotic exploration in deep space. The agency has released a draft solicitation via BAA, Board Agency Announcement yesterday, June 21. NASA solicits international and commercial partners to develop the first element of the Gateway that’ll lead it to support exploration not […]

NASA’s Curiosity comes closer to uncover mysteries of Martian dust storms, amid harms

Mars is currently covered all over due to a huge dust storm, and NASA even has one of its rovers named Opportunity unable to operate. But none of that takes away the opportunity for our science to uncover mysteries of the red planet, as the other rover named Curiosity is still in works. Rover Opportunity […]

NASA is hosting media teleconference to discuss preps on countering Near-Earth Objects

NASA has arranged for a media teleconference today, June 20 starting at 1 pm EDT, which will have a discussion on NEOs or Near-Earth Objects. It involves an NEO preparedness report that details American plans for countering threats on earth by NEOs. There is no threat presently posed by the NEOs, but the report is believed […]

Sky-high ready: ISRO’s ambitious GSAT-11 satellite cleared for launch after thorough checks

ISRO has listed GSAT-11 as one of its Future Missions on its official website. As defined on the site, GSAT- 11 is an advanced, multibeam, high throughput communication satellite, with a payload of Ka x Ku-band forward link transponders and Ku x Ka band return link transponders. The site states that the scheduled launch of the […]

NASA launches Ikhana, an unmanned aircraft without chase plane successfully

The United States is one step closer towards achieving the goal of normalizing aircraft operations in the airspace used by commercial and private pilots as the Ikhana aircraft successfully flew its first mission without a safety chase aircraft on Tuesday. NASA’s Ikhana now creates a lot of possibilities for providing a vast range of services […]

NASA’s new findings on Mars are suggestive of ancient and current life existence

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has found evidence that proves to be positive enough for future missions exploring surface and subsurface of the Red Planet to find more concrete of evidence of life. NASA Mars findings appear in details in two papers of the June 8 edition of the organization’s journal Science. Among the discoveries, the […]

39-Year old whodunnit of Jupiter lightning solved by NASA

NASA has been sky-high in its mission to scrape and delve into the celestial mysteries of Space. The origin of Jupiter’s lightning is one such mystery it has focused on, ever since its Voyager 1 spacecraft flew past Jupiter in March 1979. That extraordinary encounter affirmed the existence of the theory of Nasa’s scientists of […]