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L’Oréal launches Virtual Makeup fitting on Amazon with AI

L’Oréal launches the first virtual makeup fitting on Amazon with ModiFace, L’Oréal’s global leader in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to this technology, Amazon users will, for the first time be able to virtually test beauty products by taking a video or selfie with their phone’s camera. Available on Amazon Web Services, the technology […]

Microsoft Azure Cost Management now released enterprise agreements

Most companies have already taken the step to the cloud following the path of digital transformation and immediately began to benefit from this entails. To carry out a correct digital transformation, it is essential to have well-planned planning, as well as being advised by technological consultancies specialized in this type of projects. Once the migration to the cloud and the […]

Salesforce expands partnership with AWS to simplify secure data sharing

Today at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s event in San Francisco, the global leader in CRM expanded their global strategic alliance with Amazon Web Sevices. The product integrations will dramatically simplify how customers can securely share and synchronize data across AWS and Salesforce services. The companies announced their offerings on the new set of data integration services between […]

Google Cloud and NetApp in collaboration for cloud-native file storage service

It has been often seen that the IT companies struggle to find a good technology management guide which will actually understand how to move workloads with minimal disruption. One critical challenge is access to high-performance, scalable and shared file-systems. But the breezy time has come for the IT companies to manage their data, store and […]

Amazon may partner with JPMorgan Chase for offering bank accounts to customers

According to reports, Amazon is looking to partner with JPMorgan Chase, currently in exploratory talks. The aim is to offer bank accounts to the customers of Amazon, which could make them the next big bank! Recent weeks have experienced Amazon going through several acquisitions, most recently being the home security company Ring for a deal […]

Google buys IoT division of LogMeIn, Xively at $50 million

Google has officially announced their takeover of Xively Internet of Things (IoT) business from LogMeIn, this Thursday. It has cost Google $50 million. 45 Xively employees are expected to join Google, as a part of the takeover, as well. This deal is being seen as a part of the measures taken by Alphabet in order […]

Amazon is Selling Amazon Web Services in China for $300 Million Deal Inc is selling off the Chinese unit of Amazon Web Service (AWS) to Beijing Sinnet Technology, the partner of the company due to the tight regulation of online data. The US retail giant is facing problems that are creating for technology firms operating in the world’s second-largest economy. A deal worth 2 billion yuan or […]

AWS launches instances with Nvidia Volta GPUs ahead of Google and Microsoft

AWS becomes the first cloud services in launching new compute instances, beating Google and Microsoft on the way. The new instances aim at allowing developers for building apps – the apps that can derive Nvidia’s new gen Volta GPUs. These GPUs have the designs for providing high-performance acceleration for applications such as AI computation. One […]

Amazon Wants to Come Up With its Own Sportswear

Amazon is chasing down several athletic-apparel suppliers for making private-label sportswear. As per reports received from New York and Hong Kong, and the personnel related to the matter, the company is giving out a ‘game on’ to the already established leaders of the concerned industry. A Taiwanese vendor, Makalot Industrial Co., has started making apparel […]

How to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon

If you aim at monetizing your blog or website and earning something substantial from it, the Amazon Associates program could just be the thing for you. Through this program, links can be added to any item on the Amazon site with your website. Subsequently, you get a commission when a visitor clicks on the link […]

Amazon is transforming logistics by launching ‘The Hub’, a new locker service

Amazon is constantly transforming logistics services by launching several innovative ideas. After launching of the Amazon Locker, it came up with a new action in the logistics services. It’s stepping up in its delivery services by launching The Hub, a new locker service designed for apartment blocks and multi-tenant dwellings. The company already has its […]

Amazon Web Services to launch its Translation Services

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing division of Amazon has been developing a translation service for making websites and apps available in multiple languages. Amazon work floor already consists of machine translation technology for activities like providing product info in various languages. Now they are making it available through Amazon Web Services. It might be […]