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AI all the way: Decoding the emergence of 8K image quality and immersive sound on TV

Digging into the marvels of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology as unraveled at CES 2018, Samsung Electronics is all set to bring true-to-life television experience to its viewer base. Sharp picture quality of about 8K (7,680 * 4,320) resolution with optimized and enhanced sound amplifying a versatile video content is just a television store away […]

Vivo X20 Plus UD to feature 6.43-inch display with in-display fingerprint scanner

At CES 2018, VIVO revealed a device which featured in-display fingerprint technology. The name of the device was not disclosed but the company officially stated to roll out the device in early 2018. Just after this official statement released the company launched VIVO X20 Plus UD which also arrived on TENNA. VIVO X20 Plus UD […]

Samsung unveiled Galaxy X amidst selected partners at CES 2018

Samsung has tried to maintain utmost secrecy regarding its latest flagship, Galaxy X. The foldable phone which will also double as a tablet and revolutionize the world of smartphones was unveiled by the South Korean company at CES 2018, amidst select partners of the corporation. The renders revealed of the phone’s alleged design shows a […]

Samsung to start manufacturing Galaxy X, the foldable phone from November 2018

Samsung poured some more information about the much-talked device in these days, Galaxy X, the foldable smartphone from the company. DJ Koh head of company business stated that the foldable phone is currently nicknamed as Galaxy X. The South Korean tech company has pushed the launch date of the device to 2019 instead of 2018 – […]

Panasonic shows off innovations at CES 2018 to provide better experience in air travel

Internet browsing on airplanes can become a real ordeal. In addition to its high price and restrictions in the form of limits of consumption, we have a speed that leaves much to be desired on some occasions. It is true that there have been many advances, but there is still ground to travel to have better WiFi on airplanes. For […]

CES 2018 gets AR presentation on 64-inch screen named Deepframe

While the field of augmented reality has already shown us enormous possibilities, it’s no wonder if you are feeling lost with the tech companies presenting new innovations every now and then. One such company is Realfiction, and it presented Deepframe, an immersive 64-inch screen for AR, at the ongoing CES. It can provide AR experience […]

NZXT enters CES 2018 with its first motherboard with Intel chipset

NZXT debuted the motherboard market via its demonstration of its first motherboard, namely N7 and it is based on Z370 chipset of Intel. It is an LGA 1151 motherboard that lets users customize color schemes. To compete with the likes of DFI in the concerned market, NZXT has considered other related products while designing the […]

Huawei Mate 10 Pro with 6-inch OLED display is all set to launch in the U.S

Huawei announced yesterday that its Mate 10 Pro will be officially launched in the U.S. It will have competitions against the likes of iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and LG V30. There were rumors of Huawei to partner with AT&T for the release of Mate 10 Pro in the American markets, but that is […]

World’s first in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone by Vivo revealed at CES 2018

The world saw its first ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone, today at CES 2018, courtesy of Vivo. With this futuristic device, the company promises an unprecedented mobile experience. World’s First Vivo In-display Fingerprint Smartphone is ready for mass production. The users can now unlock their devices just by putting their finger on the smartphone display. This technology […]

Dell’s portable Thunderbolt 3 SSDs demonstrated at CES 2018 are most compact and fast

At this year’s CES, Dell demonstrated the Portable Thunderbolt SSD that supports the Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and is already being tagged as the most compact storage device of the world till date. It is only 3.89 inches long letting users have an ideal ‘pocket-slipping’ data transfer solution. The SSD is infused with NAND technology that […]

Toyota inaugurates its e-Palette Alliance and Concept Vehicle at CES 2018

Toyota joins the competition for creating the most versatile and efficient transport automaton at CES, 2018, by launching their latest innovation: the e-Palette Alliance and Concept Vehicle. This vehicle aims to interconnect the world of consumers by bringing not only goods but also services to their doors. Akio Toyoda has stated what the company aims […]

AirSelfie introduces the 2nd gen selfie drone, promises longer flight time

It’s been just more than a year since AirSelfie had made its debut, earning more than $600,000. It is basically a selfie drone in a smartphone case. AirSelfie2, the second device from the manufacturers was introduced this Tuesday in the CES 2018, in Las Vegas. The AirSelfie2 is the renewal of the old portable flying camera. […]