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Tech tools that don’t kill time: 7 Productivity tools for small business owners

Time is money. The more time you spend doing menial tasks, the less time you’re out creating customers. You can’t do everything yourself, and it doesn’t make sense to try. The more work you take on, the less productive you are. There is a simple way around this dilemma, though. You can use a number […]

How to utilize email marketing campaigns to boost your ROI

It’s all about Return On Investment (ROI) nowadays (if indeed it hasn’t always been), but the rules of the game have changed. While not so long ago aggressive advertisements bombarding TV screens were all the rage, today email campaigns rule supreme. If only one thing was to be said about email, it would be that […]

How to increase email subscribers for your blog in these 6 tips

When it comes to raising the audience for the blog you need to consider three important aspects. One, how can you get new visitors to find out your blog; two, how to convert those visitors into subscribers and three how you are going to encourage your most enthusiastic subscribers to share your content and catch […]

3 Of the best marketing channels for generating leads online in 2019

3With the advent of new technology, the role of the internet extends beyond just generating brand awareness. It helps businesses attract qualified leads. Some marketing channels might have dwindled in recent years, but a few have stood the test of time for way too long. This article highlights a few marketing channels for generating leads […]

7 Strategies to drive the right traffic for more conversions and revenue

All individuals who are engaged in a web-based business always explore new ways that could help them to increase traffic to websites. A steady flow of website traffic helps them sell more products/services, build a large customer base in a short time span and expand the business venture in all directions. There is cut-throat competition […]

Cold Emails: Why did nobody take the time to read yours?

Let’s assume that you own a business. And let’s assume that you have already picked out what your business is about and who your target audience is. You’re all set and ready to begin and you’ve already decided that an email campaign is essential. That’s a great call. In this day and age, email marketing […]

4 Mailchimp alternatives for omnichannel marketing

Today more and more marketers are investing their time and energy into omnichannel marketing. Considering its outreach, one would be stupid not to. Owing to the success of omnichannel marketing, everyone is looking for competition in this field. That’s why most of them turn to automated omnichannel marketing tools, namely MailChimp. While Mailchimp is irrefutably […]

How does Digital Marketing increase number of new leads

The digital world has brought a lot of distractions to many people. With the many fun pages on the internet, people are cluttered to this world. Content and social media marketing can be a bit hectic to deliver to your audience. Despite the digital tactics used by digital marketers, this is a slow process that […]

6 Tools, apps and platforms to help you Monetize more mobile customers

Is it extreme to say that mobile marketing is sort of like a modern-day gold rush? Not really. After all, people are spending more time staring at their smartphone screens that even before. This rings true when it comes to engaging with content, chatting it up on social media and purchasing products. But oddly enough, […]

Why you should proofread your emails

It holds true that emails have become an important element in a person’s day to day life. And like others, you have also sent countless email messages since time immemorial. But what you probably did not know is that this technology can sometimes say a lot to the right people. Now, the question is, what […]

How to create a converting Email Marketing funnel for your eCommerce business

Did you know that email marketing helps an eCommerce business establish and nurture relationships with their leads and customers? It’s a type of marketing that uses one of the most powerful online sales channel, the email. This strategy includes creating professional newsletters and email campaigns that help an eCommerce business connect, engage, and build relationships […]

Types of strategies for SEO and digital brand marketing

Everybody knows that digital marketing is getting shifted to a big deal where most of the investors are ready to do big business on the whole. This could be a great reason where millions of people are looking forward to starting the business in online platforms. At the same time, it is always essential for […]