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Google Stadia to launch on November 19 with some missing features

Google is all set to become a game company, one with its very own console, controller, and distribution platform for the latest triple-A games. But as that AMA reveals, Google Stadia will be missing some key features on launch day; those will start rolling out as soon as one week after launch. As revealed by […]

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie mode to launch soon in the next big update

Since the release of the fast-paced gameplay, Call of Duty: Mobile has been one of the best mobile experiences for the gaming lover. The Game has been a massive success and the developer continues to update the title with new features. As the developers of Call of Duty: Mobile has said that “the undead are […]

How you can continue to sharpen your rummy skills with Junglee Rummy

Gaming has come a long way. Today gaming is synonymous with online gaming, and in a country like India, it has become a rage. Easy access to games has been a game-changer, leading to a quick rise in the number of gaming platforms that offer a range of entertainment options including the traditionally popular card […]

Xiaomi offers two top-notch monitors and expands home appliances line up

Xiaomi expanded it’s home appliances line up by releasing two monitors, the Mi 144HZ Curved Gaming Monitor 34-inch and Mi Desktop Monitor 23.8-inch. They introduced Mi Lint Trimmer, Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C, Mi Robot Vacuum-Mp 1C, and Mi Automatic Dishwashing Liquid Dispenser Kit. The Mi 144Hz Gaming Monitor features a 21:9 ultra-widescreen with a […]

What Tech Developments Could Change the Online Casino Industry?

The iGaming industry has taken classic casino table games and slot machines to new levels, giving players greater choice than ever before. It is also one of the most competitive tech industries, with online casinos and game developers competing for their share of a crowded market. Therefore, technological innovation is vital in standing out from […]

League Of Legends Uncovered: A guide to League’s dominant forces

Last year’s League of Legends Video Game World Championship final made history as a record-breaking 205 million people tuned in to watch the action unfold. It cemented LoL’s status as the world’s most popular esport and pointed towards a glorious future for the competitive gaming sector. Excitement is extremely high once more among the game’s […]

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch review

There is no Zelda, nor Hyrule Castle, nor Ganondorf, but other Nintendo characters such as Yoshi or the mythical Goombas do appear. ‘The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening’ game added in Nintendo Switch and is, more than any other, an atypical Zelda. An adventure that for the first time in the saga would raise a […]

Epic Games Store gives 6 Batman PC games for free

The PC game store Epic Games Store has thrown the house out the window by giving away no less than six Batman games that you can download completely free and keep them forever. Until yesterday they were worth almost $100, so it is a real treat because they are also very good games. On the […]

American horror story 1984 season 9 recap and what you need to know

The anthological series of Ryan Murphy American Horror Story 1984 season 9 returns to the small screen with a season that plays with the atmosphere of the eighties and the horror film genre. But, in addition, the new season promises a plot twist so unexpected as to surprise the most skimmed fans. What could it […]

Xiaomi Game Super member subscription service unveiled to compete Apple Arcade

Today Xiaomi Games announced in its blog that Xiaomi game super member subscription service has been launched. It comes with a variety of privileges among them it should be separately mentioned that to make the first purchase one only needs 20 yuan and it opens up 7 privileges. Users can also send 60 yuan per […]

The biggest e-sports tournaments in 2019

E-sports have been on a constant rise in popularity for the last decade, and judging by the interest for this branch, it is hardly going to go down in numbers. It doesn’t matter if you want to join the action for just a couple of hours and watch action-packed games played between world’s top professional […]

Gaming subscription vs in-app purchases – What is better for you

The mobile app industry is currently growing at a voracious speed. There are millions of live apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store, and thousands more are launched every week. According to a study, when people are on their phone, they spend most of their time on apps. These apps mostly include social […]