Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs debuts for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Angry Birds became a great phenomenon a few years ago; however, it is undeniable that its popularity has decreased considerably. Therefore, Rovio and Resolution Games planned the return of the series with Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, the title that opens today. The companies decided to take advantage of virtual reality to provide a […]

Google is working with Unity to help Android gaming flourish

Mobile phone games have always been popular among the masses because of their easy availability. Lately, games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite have reached an insane level of popularity and as such other developers are looking for opportunities to develop similar heavy hitting games like those two. Without any doubt, Android is the most popular […]

Revolve8: SEGA announces the global mobile game launch date

SEGA has pre-registered its new mobile game “Revolve8: Episodic Dueling” and revealed the game’s global release date. It will be available to both Android and iOS users. Worldwide availability will occur on February 5, 2019. Already in Eastern countries, there will be a pre-launch from January 17. The title will be available in the following […]

How gaming is changing the way students learn

Education is changing in ways no one has thought possible. We have come a long way from chalkboards, hefty textbooks and other features that depicted school earlier. Over a specific period, the learning process has gravitated from its known design to something different, more specific and specialized. This is not surprising. The 21st century has […]

EA reveals its future game developments based on its new EA Moral Compass

An EA executive revealed about their future game developments that are influenced by controversies regarding Star Wars: Battlefront II. It is one of the biggest games of EA that were released in 2017, and controversies regarding its microtransaction system even made headlines! So much so that people away from gaming circles have been talking about […]

Epic games to discontinue Fortnite: Battle Royale Playground mode

Gamers, today is the last day for you to play around in Fortnite’s Playground Mode. As Epic Games is set to launch season 5 in Fortnite: Battle Royale, they are about to remove this limited time event tonight at 9 pm PST / 12 am EST. We are going to have to wait at least […]

How VR gaming technology is changing the medical world

Virtual reality (VR) came into the public consciousness back in the early 1990s with the release of Sega’s headsets for arcade games and the Mega Drive. Since then, VR has come a long way and is no longer confined to gaming. It has infiltrated a number of different industries from the military to tourism, automotive […]

Wargaming and VRTech fund partnership dives World of Tanks in to VR

Since the roll-out of the online multiplayer video game over seven years ago in August 2010 World of Tanks has been a globally big hit. Now there’s going to be a new way to immerse into the epic tank battle as Wargaming’s multiplayer hit, World of Tanks will partner with a virtual reality venture fund […]

Future of Virtual Reality explained: How it is changing the world

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality have shot to one of the most popular forms of entertainment and gaming technology in the past. These devices are genuinely taking the gaming and entertainment world by storm, but it’s also been predicted that this technology will eventually integrate into our everyday lives, as more of an assistance than […]