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Google introduces fast Wifi router, ‘Mistral’ with Wifi 6 support

Google is all set with its new launches this year and a long list of devices are queued up for release. Google has already announced the launch of Official Pixel 4 and Pixelbook 2 and has already given evidence of a Google Home revamp. Now it has one more name to add up on the […]

Google Nest donates 100,000 Home Mini speakers for those with paralysis

Voice commands do make works much more comfortable, and as technology is improving, voice interaction is also becoming much more accurate. It is a fit for most connected smart home appliances. Smart assistant integrated with voice commands makes a potent tool. To help with assistive technology, Google is donating 100,000 Home Mini speakers for those […]

G Nest is a new name for Google smart home devices

G Nest is known for its smart home appliances, such as the smart video doorbell or the smart thermostat. Although the products still only show ‘Nest’, the company was already taken over by Google in 2014. In May this year, the search engine giant announced during Google I/O that Nest and Google Home will be […]

10 SEO techniques to rank your website higher and reap great traffic

To create a firm base for your business in the New Year, we have ten tips to share with you. So, how will you make your website rank top and bring more revenue? Our forecast is as below: Know the Needs of Your Readers Professionals have realized that different followers do not have the same […]

Google Home fulfills request: reads out events from G Suite calendar

Google Home is often requested to support G Suite calendars. And there have been massive changes recently where Google Home can actually read events from those which are shared on the G suite account. There had been the availability of several calendars over a year on Google Home but there had also been gradual limitations. […]

Looking at: Everything Google launched at ‘Made by Google’ event

The most anticipated event held by Google has just got over. Held in New York City Google has launched a slew of devices. The event starts with some unusual videos in the soundtrack of ‘Help’ by Beatles – well, that’s the hint for things to come I guess. Osterloh, Google’s Senior VP of Hardware then […]

Google dedicated podcasts app now includes Google Cast support

Google launched a standalone Podcast app for Android in June, which by using Google’s algorithm connects the users with shows that they might enjoy based on their habits or preferences. Most reviews for the app designated it to be “basic” and to turn around the reviews they released the list of features. And starting today, […]

Google’s Home Hub, a smart tablet-screened speaker to hit the market soon

Google had been working lately on attracting a customer base for a line of smart speakers that can match up to Amazon’s Echo Show and Lenovo’s Smart Display, featuring a mammoth-sized screen mounted on a smart speaker. The first look and specifications have somehow been leaked by sources and this super performer will be called […]

Google partners with Netflix to introduce ‘Lost in Space’ game for Google Home

Google collaborated with Netflix last year to bring to Google Home a Stranger Things game, where users could chat with Dustin on his trusty walkie-talkie; and this year it is collaborating again to usher in a game based on Netflix’s extremely popular show, ‘Lost in Space’. “Hey Google, play the Lost in Space game” is […]

Google launches Google Home and Google Home Mini in India

Google Home, the voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant is now available in India. Google Home is designed exclusively to understand Indian accents and to respond with Indian contexts. The smartphone is designed in a way that it fits easily into the household items. The top surface of the device has LEDs indicators which […]

FCC released new photos of an Android TV dongle with a Google logo

The US Federal Communications Commission or better known as the FCC has recently released some new photos of a new device which is supposedly from Shenzhen SEI Robotics Co., Ltd. The new device is labeled as ‘4K ATV Stick’ and the photos have certainly piqued the interests among the technology and gadget nerds worldwide. What […]

Google Assistant to be multilingual and to cover over 30 languages by the end of 2018

Today, February 23, Google announced two new advancements for its Assistant by the end of the year. These include the app turning multilingual and supporting over 30 languages. The entire newness will bring Assistant closer to 95% of Android smartphones. The Assistant being multilingual will enable a user to speak to it in multiple languages, […]