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Google Maps introduces Reservation Tab in the ‘Your Place’ section

Google Maps is widely used all over the world for directions and other purposes, it has been making our lives easier and faster with its easy to explore options and features. Now Google Maps is getting two major updates that can change your way of using any kind of directional app. The app has introduced […]

Google Maps real-time bike-sharing feature rolling out

Long ago Google Maps no longer was a mapping application and guided to become a comprehensive guide to the city routes. We can find recommendations for restaurants, hotels, trips … And very useful local services, like all those related to public transport. Not just the metro, train, and bus, now Maps includes bike rental stations. […]

Google implemented new Map features across cities in India

Google has been introducing new features for its Indian users. On Thursday, Google Maps introduced three new features exclusively for Indian users across the top 11 cities. The three new features are; An upgrade to the Explore tab, ‘For You’ feature, and dining ‘Offers.’ The first is the explore tab that will enhance your browsing […]

Google will close Google Trips service starting August 5, 2019

Bad news for Google Trips users. The travel planning application will close on August 5, as Google has advanced on its support page. The app itself has sent a message to users of its latest version confirming its disappearance in the coming months and tells them that their functions will be integrated into other apps […]

Google Maps can now predict public transport crowding and inform you of delays

Google Maps is not only one of the best GPS navigators to reach any destination driving, but it is also one of the best applications to travel on public transport. The application shows us that bus, train or subway we have to catch to get to an address. To improve the public transport experience, Google […]

New Google Maps feature to alert you if a taxi leaves the route

Google Maps is one of the most used transport applications around the globe. To keep its large mass of users, the Mountain View company does not cease in its efforts to launch new features, such as radar detection and speed warnings, natural disaster alerts in real time or slow speed in real time while traveling […]

Google Maps update to include improved SOS alerts for natural calamity

Google has taken a move to improve SOS alerts on Maps and Search. According to the blog post by Product Manager of Google Maps, Hannah Stulberg, “visual information about natural disasters and a new navigation warning system has been incorporated into Google Maps update.” This update brings with it detailed visualizations about hurricanes, earthquakes, and […]

Google Map’s public transport feature expands to optimize travel plans

Commuting daily is as hectic as it sounds, waiting for long hours roadside for a means of public transport to haggling endlessly is like a war every day. So for the millions of Indians, Google has introduced three new features starting Tuesday that will let Indian users optimize their travel plans. We have focused on […]

Google allows to order food online through Assistant, Search and Maps

Google announced that you can now order food directly from Google Search, Google Maps, or Google Assistant. Google is partnering with companies like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, and ChowNow for a unified and direct experience. In Google Search and Google Maps, the functionality works through a new “Order Online” button that appears when you search […]

Android Q Beta 3: All the new features and compatible devices of the new update

Google has confirmed at I/O 2019 what was an open secret, that Android Q will be version 10, in addition to announcing that there are already more than 2.500 million active devices. But most importantly: they have shown new developments in Android 10. In Android 10 Q, the company has focused on innovation, security, privacy, […]

Google’s Files Go Screen Cleaner claims to clean the actual phone’s screen

Google has introduced the classic arcade game Snake in its Google Maps app and has also rolled out a new Screen Cleaner feature in its Files Go app. Now, Google says the app goes one step further and cleans the actual surface of your screen. The company has announced a new feature for Android users […]

Google Assistant to now provide suggestions in Messages and more

The MWC 2019 has seen the launch of innovative products and showcase of smart technology by various companies. Google had previously announced the introduction of new phones consisting of the Google Assistant buttons, along with apps that would contain Assistant integration. Google has now stated that Google Assistant that would start to provide suggestions in […]