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Xiaomi’s next special innovation is a smartphone with a solar panel

The Chinese firm, Xiaomi releases a large number of smartphone models every year, from simple Android One smartphones to interesting high-end smartphones and even gaming phones. Due to the good price/quality ratio, the company has become an important global player in a relatively short time. Moreover, the manufacturer regularly shows special innovations, for example, the […]

Xiaomi defends accusations of plagiarizing Apple’s Animojis with its MiMoji app

Xiaomi yesterday revealed that its new CC9 smartphones will incorporate a new version of its MiMoji app that was presented and launched with the Mi 8 Explorer Edition. Basically, MiMoji was at the height of what Apple had done with its work in software and facial recognition with the application Animoji. This is the only […]

Xiaomi’s ‘Mimoji’ is functionally quite similar to Apple’s ‘Memoji’

Apple’s concept of Memoji took of mapping facial expressions to animated characters further in iOS by enabling users to create their avatars. The smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi is back at it again, this time with a blatant copy of Apple’s Memoji functionally. A new smartphone launch from Xiaomi blatantly copies the feature, but with so few […]

Dark Mode Tech prepped for iOS 13 packed with a number of Benefits

During the opening conference of WWDC 2019, Apple presented iOS 13, a new incarnation of its operating system designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Compared to the transition from version 11 to 12, which took place last year, this time the Cupertino company evolves introducing many more innovations. Among these, the most awaited is […]

Honor Magic 2 3D finally launches with a 3D structured light sensor

After a long wait, the Honor Magic 2 3D has finally been launched in China. This new smartphone may be termed as a slightly better and upgraded version of the previous Honor Magic 2. The new Honor Magic 2 3D comes with a 3D structured light sensor. What is remarkable about this feature is having […]

iPhone XS smart battery case leaks; charging icon in iOS 12.1.2

The speculation for a smart iPhone battery case was in high for long. With the release of iPhone X and iPhone 8, users wondered whether a new battery case would be released for this new iPhone, but nothing was announced and released by Apple. This will change, based on new leaks it hints that the […]

Apple, Foxconn closes deal to manufacture high-end smartphones in India

Apple may invest even more in its Indian division and should start producing more expensive iPhones in the country by 2019. The information was revealed by Reuters who have links to the company, and Foxconn should be responsible for assembling the devices. Thus, the plant in the city of Sriperumbudur can be designated for the […]

Apple announces display module replacement plan for iPhone X’s touch issues

Apple users have complained of facing touch issues on their iPhone X’s, to deal with which Apple has officially announced an offer to replace affected display modules. Apple has tracked down the problem to one of the components on the iPhone X display modules being faulty, due to which an iPhone X screen may respond […]

Apple releases refurbished versions of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus starting at $499

Apple released iPhone 8 and 8 Plus along with iPhone X last year, and now they have released refurbished versions of 8 and 8 Plus for sale with the former being priced at $499 and the latter at $599. The refurbished versions of both the models are doing away with an excess of $100. Means, […]

FBI forces suspect to unlock iPhone X via Face ID; a first instance ever

An incident occurred on August 10 which made FBI force an Apple iPhone X owner to unlock the device with his face. The incident happened last month in Columbus, Ohio when the FBI called on a 28-year-old Grant Michalski at his home. Armed with a search warrant, the FBI forced Michalski to glance at his […]

Speculation suggest that Apple may soon introduce Touch Id’s to iPhone X

Apple had introduced Face Id as its most advanced security system when they launched iPhone X last year, superior even to the Touch ID introduced by the iPhone 5S. However, if speculations regarding Apple’s latest patents are to be believed, it’s only a matter of time before Apple reintroduces Touch id in its upcoming line […]

Motorola P30 blatantly copies iPhone X for the Chinese market

A blatant copy of iPhone X. Soon after the iPhone’s notched design was launched many Android companies started producing devices with the similar design. But at least they made sure to make certain differences. Smartphone brand Motorola has been highly criticized for making a ridiculous iPhone X clone. Motorola P30, a phone for the Chinese […]