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Tesla users can expect an MCU retrofit for older Model X and Model S

There have been a lot of updates lately regarding Tesla like the version 10 software update with other streaming features. Now, the company expects to come with an update that would upgrade MCU options for older Model S and Model X. Yes, you can upgrade hardware, although we also wrote software to accelerate rendering on […]

Tesla Model S/X reported having tri-motor design and 400+ mile range

A few details about Tesla’s Model S and Model X refresh are out now, thanks to the YouTube channel ‘Like Tesla’ where, in a short video, Kim, the channel-host, shared the details about potential improvements to Model S and Model X, as revealed to her by a Tesla insider. Till now, we get to know […]

Musk declares the offical unveiling of Model Y on March 14 in LA

After the successful launch of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range vehicles and that of SpaceX Crew Dragon test-flight, the Chief Executive of Tesla Inc, Elon Musk, has declared the official unveiling of the Tesla Model Y crossover SUV on March 14, which is slated to take place at an event in Tesla’s Design Studio […]

Tesla launches the classic Pole Position game with controller support

If there is something that can not be denied to Tesla is its ability to surprise. And an example is now an update that comes to several car models of the company, that it has in the market. The company has now added a new game to its dashboard called Classic Pole Position. It was […]

Tesla deal to settle Autopilot lawsuit by Model S and Model X owners

On Thursday Tesla reached an agreement to settle a class action lawsuit filed by six Model S and Model X owners who alleged that the company’s assistant driving Autopilot system was unusable and demonstrated it to be dangerous. The agreement was announced in San Jose federal court and still has to be permitted by U.S. District […]

Tesla promotes partnership by towing Qantas Dreamliner and sets Record

Tesla Model X has set the world record of towing a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. It was a part of a publicity stunt by Qantas at a remote taxiway in Melbourne Airport. The towing capacity of the Tesla Model X is calculated as 5,000 lb which makes it a passenger electric vehicle with the highest […]

Tesla Model X SUV Entry Level Cost Dropped by $3000

Tesla has brought down the entry level cost of the Model X SUV, from $82,500 to $79,500. The $3,000 value drop is the consequence of enhanced edges for the electric vehicle, which the organization accomplished on account of efficiencies accomplished in the assembling procedure, Reuters reports. Tesla’s Model X and Model S sales performance were […]

Latest software update by Tesla transforms Model S and Model X into a holiday light show and a trip to Mars

Tesla to date was only able to fix bugs. But, the new update comes with a surprise that includes two doozies. The company came up with new updates allowing Model X owners to activate a secret light show that transforms the SUV into a four-wheeled disco ball. The process of activating Model X is simple. […]

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot feature will start rolling out from mid-December

Those who got the Model S or X with new hardware and upset not getting complete features announced earlier here is the reason you should be happy. Tesla is working on a new software for the Tesla Model S or X automaker’s brand-new self-driving-ready hardware which Elon Musk, CEO of the company said to be rolled […]