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PayU takes a majority stake of firm Red Dot Payment

Naspers’s global fin-tech company, PayU, is in all plans to expand into Southeast Asia with the acquisition of Singapore-based Red Dot Payment as claimed by the company in a media statement on Friday. The deal is finalized at US$65 million and will see its founder along with chief executive officer Randy Tan retaining a stake […]

Relay One: An easy platform accepting any form of payments across the globe

Relay is an API for stores to publish their products and for apps to read them which was prior to this difficult. Now Relay brings its latest product in the Relay family – Relay One. It is supposed to be a simple solution for online eCommerce platforms, and independent sites enabling users to accept payment […]

6 Best practices for redeeming your coupons in 2019

Every customer is always looking for ways to save while they buy. One of the easiest and most practical ways to save is through coupons. In the recent past, coupon redemption has been a key saving strategy both online and offline. Therefore, there is no doubt that the trend will persist in 2019. As a […]

Top eCommerce security threats and their powerful solutions

eCommerce has significantly transformed the way business is conducted today. With exponential growth in internet usage, the amount of trade conducted electronically has also risen precipitously. There are many big online businesses that are reaping the benefits of this unprecedented eCommerce growth. However, there is a vulnerable aspect of it – online sites store valuable […]

Apple’s mobile payment system, Apple Pay is about to launch in Germany

Apple Pay is set to launch in Germany so that people could buy anything on the Internet with Safari on Mac, iPad or iPhone that too without creating an account or filling up some complexed form. You can complete this process of payment faster, safer and easier with just one touch through Touch ID on the MacBook […]

Samsung Internet browser supports face and eye scan on Galaxy devices

The security feature in the Samsung smartphones just got better and tighter. Samsung has introduced a new security feature called ‘Intelligent Scan’ but is available in selected smartphones as of now. The Korean firm has introduced the new security features in Samsung Galaxy Note FE, S8, S8+, Note 8 and S9 and S9+. This security option […]

10 Megatrends you should know driving the future of payments in 2018

eCommerce has moved beyond computers and smartphones. Today you’ll find a growing number of connected devices, including sensors, fashion accessories, and appliances. This shift is poised to disrupt the traditional eCommerce payment ecosystem. Another factor that will affect future payments is the rise of voice interfaces. Consumers now utilize personal assistants through their smartphones and […]

2 important reasons to invest in blockchain development for better eCommerce

A lot of new trends have come up in the eCommerce industry and have affected the industry as a whole. But the most important development has been the Blockchain development. Blockchain development to laymen is basically the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to make payments to the merchants. Before this development came into place, the […]

Amazon to enter P2P payment market with the help of Alexa voice assistant

Wall Street Journal has announced the active consideration on part of online eCommerce giant’s use of its patented voice assistant Alexa to try and enter the online payment market, in order to compete with Paymo’s Venmo and other large banks which offer payment services. With the help of Alexa’s voice-based instruction inference system, the […]

10 Mobile payment systems that will change your life

Nowadays, business is all about providing your customers with the best experience you possibly can. Since customers will use a variety of payment methods to pay for their goods and services, as a business, you need to make sure that you cater for this diversity, ensuring you don’t miss out on any potential sales. But […]

Starbucks adopts mobile payment, goes completely cashless in a Seattle shop

Although it is taking a little longer than expected, the truth is that mobile payments are going to be the most used way of paying in the future and, moreover, there is not much left for it. The case is that different tests are being carried out to verify their effectiveness and, for example, the […]

Facebook Messenger Launched Send Money Feature in UK and France

After the successful launch of peer to peer send money feature by Messenger in the US, now it has headed towards UK and France. The new Messenger feature offers you to send money to your dear ones through messaging platform. It is so convenient that it is now one of the most used options to […]