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The complete draft of the Indian crypto bill is leaked online

Varun Sethi, the founder of Blockchain Lawyer, shared the ‘Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019’ on Monday and it has stirred quite a lot of debates among the Indian Crypto community. However, this bill was not announced by the Indian government, so the question of authenticity, and whether the bill […]

LG’s new project is a ThinQ Wallet for cryptocurrency

Last year, It was rumored that LG is working on a crypto-project. At the LG Science Park, employees could make payments of cryptocurrency tokens via a special smartphone app, ETNews reported at the time. A new trademark application supports this rumor. LG seems to want to launch its own digital wallet, under the name ThinQ Wallet. LG ThinQ Wallet On July 2, […]

Telegram takes the first step towards its own blockchain network and cryptocurrency

The new Telegram project, called TON (Telegram Open Network), has now been opened to a small number of developers of which not everyone has been announced. The operation and transactions through this platform are tested by these developers and the transaction speeds would be called ‘extremely fast’. Telegram would like to use the blockchain and […]

Federal Bank joins the Ripple network to ensure secure cross border transactions

Federal Bank in India has taken the decision to carry out cross border remittance in cooperation with blockchain-supported global remittance company Ripple Inc. for Cross border transactions via the Ripple network which is supposed to provide safety and security to such activities. In a meeting held today Federal Bank MD and CEO, Shyam Srinivasan, and […]

Coinbase announces custody trading OTC desk to facilitate cold storage trading

Coinbase, the San Francisco-based digital currency exchange, has announced its plans to integrate its Coinbase Custody service with its newly launched over-the-counter (OTC) desk, now known as Coinbase Pro, in order to enable users to trade directly from cold storage without having to move funds online for business purposes. This move comes as a response […]

Texas lawmaker introduces Bill that forces crypto users to identify themselves

A bill has been introduced in Texas by a staunch Texas Republican and certified public accountant Phil Stephenson, that would require a person receiving cryptocurrencies as payment to first verify the identity of the person sending payment. The bill could be one of the most significant anti-crypto moves carried out by state legislature so far. […]

Equibit released the first cryptocurrency with SHA-3, the EQB

The developers of blockchain technology for capital market, Equibit recently announced that they will be releasing their mainnet and the world’s first SHA-3 cryptocurrency. SHA is the new secure hashing standard and with the release of Equibit’s EQB, it becomes the first cryptocurrency to use the SHA-3. Everyone should care or at least take a […]

Swiss online bank Dukascopy launches its first cryptocurrency, the Dukascoin

Banks all over the world are giving the new generation cryptocurrencies tough competition and are now launching digital coins based on the blockchain technology. JP Morgan created a ripple with the launch of its JPM Coin based on blockchain technology. Now Dukascopy, the Swiss online bank specialized in online and mobile trading, banking and financial […]

Digi-wallet Abra announces Bitcoin investment option for Stocks and ETFs

US-based crypto firm Abra shared a press release with Cointelegraph on February 6 regarding the addition of new features to the blockchain based app. Global investors can now invest in shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) using Bitcoin (BTC). Abra plans to utilize the Bitcoin blockchain and smart contracts technologies in order to support fractional investments […]

Facebook Crypto-Project secretly acqui-hires blockchain startup Chainspace Researchers

Facebook has secretly been working on a blockchain or crypto-currency project for a while now, and now it has made its first acquisition for the same, hiring the major part of the research team from London-based Blockchain startup, Chainspace Tech, developed by University College researchers. The startup that specializes in small contracts defines its project […]

Authenteq’s fund raising counts to $5 million for blockchain identity verification

Authenteq has been successful in raising $5 million in funding and the company is further looking to take in more investors in the second closing of the series A financing. The second phase of the funding is scheduled to take place in the next two weeks. Authenteq made their service public in 2018 and within […]

Top 4 benefits of using Blockchain technology for mobile apps

Blockchain technology is widely used by many mobile application users worldwide. The blockchain is now being accepted by many countries as the safest method of paying tax. Most mobile applications impress the use of blockchain technology. For example, LG, Microsoft, and Facebook have launched the use of blockchain technology in their enterprises. The use of […]