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Crypto APIs launches Trading APIs that allows users to have multiple accounts

Crypto APIs has launched the eagerly awaited Trading APIs for Crypto users. The Trading APIs service gives one Unified API which has integrated multiple crypto exchanges. These will allow users to link multiple exchange accounts to their profiles. Moreover, they can collect data and execute their portfolio management trades from a single point. The Trading […]

The ultimate guide to Facebook’s Libra blockchain technology

Libra is a prestigious project of well-known social media biggie Facebook to change the status of unbanked by providing them a currency that can be used globally and easily accessible across the world.  The main reason behind introducing Libra is to offer a global currency that has the capacity to bring everyone under the same […]

NASA will hire data scientist with blockchain and cryptocurrency skills

NASA put up a job advertisement on September 20, 2019, stating that they are offering “an exciting opportunity for a Data Scientist I” to join their team. Along with a bunch of qualification skills, they have particularly mentioned that they will consider the candidate having “experience with cryptocurrency and Blockchain” a plus. They will give […]

Telegram to release its cryptocurrency’ Gram’ by Oct 31

The messaging app Telegram is now planning crypto trading via bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet provider Button Wallet. Last time it was reported that Telegram was canceling its initial coin offering. Now the messaging app company announces to deliver “the first batches” of the coin in the next two months. Within the next two weeks, a […]

Tata Communications, IBM to join Hedera Hashgraph Governing Council

Indian telecom company Tata Communications and IBM have partnered a new venture of a corporate-oriented, blockchain – the governance council of Hedera Hashgraph. The network announced eight of the 39 available spots for governing council members are filled. Our goal is to create the most decentralized governing body of any of the major public platforms, […]

Nexo MasterCard: A credit card with user’s crypto holdings

Financial startup Nexo is launching a MasterCard with a line of credit backed by the user’s crypto holdings. As per the company, the world’s first such card that would enable users to spend the value of their cryptocurrency without spending it. When using the Nexo Card to purchase goods and services, you actually pay using […]

Walmart signs a patent to generate Libra like digital currency

Walmart is looking into opening their own Libra-like digital currency. The patent that they have filed with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office indicates that they are looking to do so. The Patent agency’s official website said that Walmart would be, “generating one digital currency unit by tying the one digital currency unit to regular […]

Indian Government officials confirm crypto is not banned in India yet

A draft bill made its way online, last week was talking about banning cryptocurrency in India. However, no laws have been passed regarding the ban and the Indian central bank which is actively involved in the decision had refused to comment on this matter. The bill spurred a lot of debate among the Indian economists […]

The complete draft of the Indian crypto bill is leaked online

Varun Sethi, the founder of Blockchain Lawyer, shared the ‘Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019’ on Monday and it has stirred quite a lot of debates among the Indian Crypto community. However, this bill was not announced by the Indian government, so the question of authenticity, and whether the bill […]

LG’s new project is a ThinQ Wallet for cryptocurrency

Last year, It was rumored that LG is working on a crypto-project. At the LG Science Park, employees could make payments of cryptocurrency tokens via a special smartphone app, ETNews reported at the time. A new trademark application supports this rumor. LG seems to want to launch its own digital wallet, under the name ThinQ Wallet. LG ThinQ Wallet On July 2, […]

Telegram takes the first step towards its own blockchain network and cryptocurrency

The new Telegram project, called TON (Telegram Open Network), has now been opened to a small number of developers of which not everyone has been announced. The operation and transactions through this platform are tested by these developers and the transaction speeds would be called ‘extremely fast’. Telegram would like to use the blockchain and […]

Federal Bank joins the Ripple network to ensure secure cross border transactions

Federal Bank in India has taken the decision to carry out cross border remittance in cooperation with blockchain-supported global remittance company Ripple Inc. for Cross border transactions via the Ripple network which is supposed to provide safety and security to such activities. In a meeting held today Federal Bank MD and CEO, Shyam Srinivasan, and […]