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The best software for remote teams

Nowadays, remote work encompasses many things: it is an entire life and work style that is changing the business landscape of tomorrow. Nowadays, companies are starting to appreciate the fact that remote work is not as simple of a concept as “just work from home and that’s all!” — remote teams need careful planning, modern […]

Microsoft prohibits employees from using Slack, AWS, and Google Docs

Microsoft has reportedly banned its employees from using Slack and discouraged them from using a bunch of other apps including the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Docs. Well, competition is nothing new in the technology sector, where companies make a living by copying and improving the products of others. The situation is not different […]

World class apps to make your workplace happy and productive

Employees’ satisfaction is a key factor affecting the growth of an organization; only if your employees are satisfied and happy, their productivity will be at their best. So, as entrepreneurs, while your business’s success and profit is the key, to be known as a good businessman, you should also pay importance to your employees’ professional […]

7 Top mobile apps that give entrepreneurs the edge over their business

Being a full-time entrepreneur is not an easy task. From managing an entire business to handling hundred of functions on your to-do-list and solving specific business problems, the list goes on. With so many tasks on the list, it becomes quite difficult for you, as an entrepreneur, to know from where to start. But what […]

Slack Gets its Fifth Language, Localized for the Japanese Market

Today, Slack announced that the team collaboration software has now been localised for the Japanese market. The San Francisco – based company has started with English, then covered Spanish, French, and German, and now as the fifth language – has covered Japanese. Now, the users using Japanese as the chief conversation language for work purpose […]

Facebook Introduces Workplace Chat Apps and Screensharing

Given a discovery of TechCrunch, Facebook has quietly introduced official chat apps and screensharing. These two features for desktop PC and Mac are the ones that users have been eagerly looking forward to. Presently, the features are available only for Workplace. It is an enterprise collaboration software of Facebook and competes with other business apps […]

10 essential tools to improve communication and focus

In today’s digital world, when most of us are so preoccupied with daily duties and obligations, maintaining a good and efficient communication is an imperative.From delegating tasks and managing teams to marketing the brand and dealing with clients, there is a wide range of responsibilities entrepreneurs take on a daily basis. Technological advances have had […]