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Facebook offers privacy walls to not let Netflix and Spotify access to users’ private messages

On Tuesday Facebook denied that companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Yahoo were able to misuse Facebook users’ personal data. The internal documents describing the Facebook partnerships with other tech companies, reports on previously undisclosed aspects of business partnerships with companies including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify, and Netflix. Reports suggest Facebook allowed Microsoft’s search […]

Facebook and Google to mutually pay $450,000 for Washington State Violation

On Tuesday Bob Ferguson Washington state Attorney General informed that finally Facebook and Google have agreed mutually to pay $455,000 for settling all the allegations they did not keep any records of who was actually paying for all the ads campaign on their sites. He also mentioned that the companies failed to maintain those kinds […]

Facebook partners with PayPal to raise $7M in donations for #GivingTueday 2018

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, Facebook has come together with PayPal to raise up to $7 million in donations on 27th November 2018 to match donations made on Facebook to nonprofits. Outlining the rules for donating, Facebook has said that it shall start matching donations with PayPal commencing at 8 a.m. ET (5:00 am […]

Google hired David Feinberg to take control of Google’s health strategy

Geisinger has announced that Google has picked Geisinger Health’s CEO David Feinberg to take control of Google’s health strategy. Google is all set to move into the $3 trillion health care sector and to see that Google functions fully, efficiently and effectively in their new health care strategy, they have picked David Feinberg. Google’s health […]

Scientists identify the key research questions regarding the harmful effects of chemicals

Chemicals are very harmful to our environment especially those chemicals released into the environment by human activity. The side-effects include biodiversity loss, increased natural hazards, threats to food, water, and energy security; negative impacts on human health and degradation of environmental quality. An international study published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry involving scientists from the […]

Trump administration will not let China Mobile enter American market due to security risks

The American government proceeded to stop China Mobile from entering the nation’s telecommunications market, citing reasons that the company’s application hinted for national security risks. China Mobile applied for the entry in 2011 and is presently the largest carrier of the world with 899 million subscribers. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the […]

Facebook provides additional API restrictions to correct its data privacy issues

Facebook has earlier promised their users that they will have a hard look at the information that apps can use whenever users connect to Facebook. Here are some updates from the company which are extended for making Facebook a better place and solving the data privacy issues amongst users. Facebook has upgraded with some more […]

10 Best features of educational mobile app to enhance learning process

Education is not just the cornerstone but the entire foundation of any civilization and to become a great living race we need to educate our children the right way. The education system that we see at present is 100 years old and if we are conscious enough to update our mobile phones and televisions then […]

Globalism: The impact on corporate giants

Plenty of debate has been seen making rounds, discussing the effects of globalism as opposed to economic nationalism. While on the one hand, President of United States, Donald J. Trump, was noted saying, as he opposed globalism during his 2016 presidential campaign. We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false […]

‘Tweeps’ and ‘Twitterattis’ troubled over Twitter breakdown

How long can one stay without tweeting or being logged into its world, especially when it’s the most popular virtual window to ‘See what’s happening in the world right now’? It won’t be an understatement to claim that ever since this giant online news and social networking was launched in 2006, our dear Earth has […]

5 Must have apps in every women’s smartphone for safety and security

The women these days are not like the past generations, most of the women work in IT’s, manufacturing units, call centers, etc. They go to work both on the day shifts and the night shifts, there should be something as a safety measure in the hands of those women. Not only to the working women […]

Facebook introduces new tools for its Fundraisers, will eliminate platform fee soon

Facebook has announced three new tools to enhance the impact of its fundraisers. The social media platform observed the global communities that care for and support causes, be it medical or school supplies or anything else. This is a part of the company’s efforts to provide more space in its platform so that humanity goes […]