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Telegram to release its cryptocurrency’ Gram’ by Oct 31

The messaging app Telegram is now planning crypto trading via bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet provider Button Wallet. Last time it was reported that Telegram was canceling its initial coin offering. Now the messaging app company announces to deliver “the first batches” of the coin in the next two months. Within the next two weeks, a […]

WhatsApp and Telegram media files prone to hacks, according to Symantec study

WhatsApp and Telegram have become the two most popular instant online messaging these days. With their easy to share photos, documents, contacts, and location, along with their end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp and Telegram have become successful in holding their popularity among its users. Over time the belief among its users regarding their privacy policy has only […]

Telegram accuses China of cyber attack during protests in Hong Kong

The population is demonstrating massively these days in Hong Kong before the possible approval of the law of extracición to Mainland China. Organizing part of the protests through Telegram, the platform claims to be under a great attack of with Chinese DDOS service. Pavel Durov, CEO of the Telegram messaging service, has accused the Chinese […]

Telegram 5.7 gets enhanced Privacy, Discussion groups, log in with Bots and more

The latest updates of Telegram are mainly focused on privacy, this application wants to use the subject of privacy as a way to attract more users. Lately because of the scandals of data theft on apps like Facebook, Instagram … many users are concerned about their information (another big part is they does not care […]

Telegram takes the first step towards its own blockchain network and cryptocurrency

The new Telegram project, called TON (Telegram Open Network), has now been opened to a small number of developers of which not everyone has been announced. The operation and transactions through this platform are tested by these developers and the transaction speeds would be called ‘extremely fast’. Telegram would like to use the blockchain and […]

Telegram for Windows is updated with new emojis, improvements in the links and more

Telegram is one of the most used messaging applications worldwide. This development competes directly with WhatsApp (and in some cases offers better options). And now the version of Telegram for Windows has been updated with new improvements and features. This application comes to version 1.5, and the deployment of the update is being done gradually […]

Telegram version 5.0 with a redesign UI and new features launched

Considered as the direct competitor to WhatsApp by many, Telegram has just reached its 5.0 version on Android, just over a month after the version 4.0 was made available to iOS users, bringing interesting implementations to make its interface more user-friendly. Telegram version 5.0 new features include custom language support, allowing translations to be done […]

Telegram Passport rolls out for secure sharing of Real-life IDs

The telegram has launched a new feature in its latest update released earlier this week that’s based on identity and privacy. The Telegram Passport feature lets a user store all of their identification documents in the app’s end-to-end encrypted cloud, letting them access whenever you need to share those with a third party. It is […]

Telegram to block its Messenger in Russia for failing to provide keys to decrypt messages

Tagansky court of Moscow ordered Telegram to block its messenger in Russia. This is the court satisfying the demand of telecommunications watchdog of Russia. As the plausible reason, the social media company did not provide keys to the Federal Security Service for decrypting messages. Judge Yulia Smolina specifically said that this must be done instantly […]

Telegram 4.8 is rolled out with new features like Telegram login and updated privacy setting

Telegram, the cloud-based messaging service, pushed out a brand new version namely Telegram 4.8. The new update is a simple and self-explanatory update. It has not come out with too many complications with it like many other updates usually do. The new update features automatic night mode, video streaming and initial support for Telegram login. […]